Friday, September 24, 2010

The point of this post is that Secretariat is a really good movie.

I thought I’d spell it out, because after re-reading it I wasn’t sure if you’d be able to pick up what I was putting down. Naturally those of you who are intuitive, or who know me well, will have no problem getting the gist of things, but for those less gifted I thought I’d throw you a line.

The perks of being a famous blogger are ENDLESS.

Just ask my family. A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail from Blogher letting me know that there were passes available to see an advanced screening of Disney’s soon to released Secretariat and because I love movies, especially movies I don’t have to spend my life savings to see, I e-mailed them right back and said “Sign me up!” .

And they did.

Last night was the big event, my husband and our 2 youngest (10 & 12) went with me. Our kids were way super impressed that MY name was on a list allowing us to enter the theater, sit in a reserved section, and see a movie 2 weeks before the rest of the world gets to (on a school night even!). It was as if I were an actual important person. I think I moved up a notch or two on the cool meter (though as soon as the 12 year old has a birthday {goodbye sweet boy, hello surly teen} I will be immediately bumped back down).

I have to admit it’s not likely that I would have ever seen this movie on my own, I usually like a little more grit, grime, and subconscious manipulation (“you know where you hope this train will take you….” ). And call me names if you want, but Disney sorta lost me when they switched from Kurt Russell to The Rock. I knew my daughter would love it, so I figured, if nothing else, at least it’s not Twilight, right?

Turns out, it was great. It’s a movie about a horse and a housewife. The conflict between being a wife and mother and being an independent woman has been on my mind lately, besides as you know I’m a sucker for a horse race; throw in John Malkovich and some 70’s fashion… DING! I was bawling like a baby 15 minutes in. This is not to say that Secretariat doesn’t have its cheesy moments, and I wish they could have made Diane Lane look a little less….old, but all in all I really did enjoy it.

I don’t think the appeal is limited to frustrated women and little girls who like horses either, my husband has never been a horse or a conflicted housewife and he liked it quite a bit (which is saying a lot, because he hates everything). Can I just say- the clothes, what were people thinking in the 70's? My kids had a hard time believing me when I told them I remembered my dad dressing like that when I was a little girl.

It’s all fun and games til you put someone’s eye out with your collar.

My family always laughs a little the first Saturday in May when I watch the Kentucky Derby, so the fact that this movie offers introduction to the fabulousness of horse racing and the Triple Crown was priceless, now if I can only find an equally watchable introduction to college basketball and March Madness, it will be just like my kids were raised in a field of bluegrass. Barefoot. Picking banjos and eating homegrown squirrel.

So, obviously, what I'm trying to say is, you should see it. Secretariat, in a theater near you, Oct. 8th.


NatureGirl said...

This did look good in the previews...thanks for the heads-up. Cool that you got to do that! Over from MMB this morning...

carrie said...

Wow, all it took was movie tickets for you to sell out to the man. Guess we won't be seeing your blog turned movie. You caved too early.

WaltBayliss said...

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Kristin said...

This is also a movie I wouldn't normally be attracted to (I like 'em gritty, too) but after seeing so many positive preview reviews - we're making a date. Thanks!