Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A moment of silence, if you don't mind.

As you know I get all of my Mad Men secondhand, but be assured I do get it. One of my favorite things this season has been Don's new secretary. Such a delightful woman. Since I'm always running a few episodes behind the rest of the world I haven't been able to watch Sunday's yet. Imagine my sadness when I found out this afternoon that dear Mrs. Blankenship is no longer with us.

She was the best secretary Don ever had (well, besides Peggy, of course) and she will be missed. Sigh.

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Steve Julian said...

I just couldn't get into the show. Only watched 20 seconds, but hear very good things about it. I do like Lost Girl, Sherlock, Burned, Being Human, The Glades.
Really missed that you Dead like Me, the one with Manny Pankin.
Like your blog. Went to a few of posts; fun.