Monday, September 20, 2010

‘Cause we be dorks up in here

Friday morning when I heard about Jon Stewarts “Rally 4 Sanity” I fell in love with him a tiny bit more. (who knew that was even possible?)

Later my son came in and said “Did you hear about Stephen Colbert’s awesome March to Keep the Fear Alive”?

And I wept. Because sometimes, even if you’ve been a good parent, your children will turn to conservative satire no matter how many times you’ve stressed the value of outright ridicule.

In the end both the Rally and the March mock the Beckster and if my son and I can reach across the aisle toward a common goal that’s really what politics are all about, right? (well, that and the free stuff, natch)

We thought that even though we can’t go to DC on Oct. 30 (I can’t anyway, I have a long to-do list that starts with coaching soccer, then finishing up my daughter’s Fuzz Lightyear Halloween costume and ends with preparing some kind of gross holiday entrée involving cold spaghetti and peeled grapes) the restoration of sanity/desire to keep the fear alive are (is?) still very important to both of us so we should find a way to show our support. We decided the best way to do that would be to order some t-shirts. (If there's a better way to say "we feel you and agree with your message" than a t-shirt I'm not aware of it.)

We were shocked to find that there were none to be had. (dear people in charge of raking in the dough at comedy central, what up? why are there no shirts? who is in charge of marketing over there?). So we decided we would have to go to the next level, take matters into our own hands, MAKE OUR OWN!!!

In the middle of the creative process a friend stopped by, a dear friend, who is a tch more serious than I, and gallons less goofy.

She asked what we were doing. Then out of nowhere things started moving in slow motion, I realized that while my son is young and idealistic (though clearly toward the wrong ideals and an intervention is going to be required at some point) I am an old woman, who under normal circumstances possibly, probably, most likely, should be doing more mature things with her time than making propaganda t-shirts.

“We’re just makin’ some shirts for the Rally to Restore Sanity.” I whispered. Then I briefly tried to explain because she doesn’t watch The Daily Show or the Colbert Report (did you know he pretends both of the ts are silent? Dork).

“heh” she half laughed, meaning “Whoa! I gotta get out of here and go drop in on my grown up friends!”

“heh” I half laughed back meaning “Could I be any more embarrassed by my immaturity right now?”

Whatev….at the end of the day we had awesome homemade shirts. Who cares if my contemporaries think my screws are coming loose.


Alexis said...

Do you know how badly I want to call you right now?

So the other night I watched your clip on here and laughed like I haven't laughed in like two days and then I went downstairs and told your brother that I needed to make a shirt that said I'm not afraid of all of those things on the front and then but I am kind of afraid of spiders on the back (because I didn't even think to look online for ready made shirts) and do you know what your unsupportive but fear mongering brother told me? He told me that Comedy central would sue me. And I know that people are always looking for reasons to stir up litigation, I believed him. But now I'm sitting here really, really wishing I could have been at your Rally shirt making extravaganza.

I miss all the fun.

And boy don't great minds think alike?

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Funny, it never even occured to me that I might get sued by the Daily Show.

I wish you could have been here too, then I wouldn't have been quite as embarrassed when Marianne came over.

I think you should go on and make a shirt. Heck, you guys live close enough, I think you should take your kids and GO to the rally. I would.