Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Friday, you know what that means....

...pretty much not really anything, but, because I like you, here are a few items you might find interesting.

This morning I rode my bike 6.42 miles (that's not the interesting part, but it is impressive, is it not? Also, it was drizzling lightly outside...so basically raining..I know. I'm a champ) when I came to the portion of my ride that runs next to the city cemetery The Beastie Boys were in my ear singing (saying? yelling?) "I hope she'll say "hey me and you should hit the hay"~I axed her out, she said NO WAY!".  Before I knew it, I was singing along.  Right there next to someones dearly departed granny. Can you believe that?

Of course you can.

Creme Brulee is my favorite dessert. Once, a really long time ago (in a land far far away-just kidding, I think it was on the other side of town) I had chocolate creme brulee in a restaurant, it was by far the best creme brulee I've ever eaten in my life. Sadly, I had pretty much forgotten about it until this morning, now I cannot remember the name of that restaurant so it's possible I will never have chocolate creme brulee ever again, unless I make it myself. 

Which seems unlikely.

I am not the slightest bit curious about Chelsea Clinton's wedding plans. Do you think there's something wrong with me? I mean, I'm sure she's a perfectly nice person (actually I'm not sure at all due to the fact that I've never met her or for that matter been anywhere near her) but I just don't care what she wears or what she feeds her guests. 

Finally, when all else fails there's guys like this, letting me know that, yes indeed, I could be a worse parent.


alexis said...

Way to go on the biking, I haven't rode my bike or any bike all month long. I need to get on the ball, or the bike rather.

Did we by any chance go with you to this restuarant on the other side of town because I bought a gift certificate cheaply of off ebay before my first (or was it my second)trip out west? Because if it was...I can't remember the name of the place either.

Who is Chelsea Clinton?

Just kidding.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Yes! you did go with us to the restuarant. I mostly remember that the food wasn't that great, except for the the dessert.

Oh well.