Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm probably not going to win a million dollars for my math skills. I can live with that.

Remember, oh, around the time summer vacation started, when I got all up on my high horse and said all that crap about wanting my kids to wake up early and make something of themselves? Yeah....I'm so over it. I'm not proud of myself, but we've reached the point of giving bonus points to the child who sleeps in the latest. Pathetic, eh? I know.

I'm no math genius or anything but I have worked out a fairly simple equation that leaves me with approximately 3.458 fewer hours each day for listening to my kids tell me how bored they are, or how stupid chores are, and most importantly, less time for them to ask me to venture out into the inferno-like heat to give them a ride here there and everywhere. (holy hell, it is HOT here)

It goes like this--{let precious children sleep until 10:00} (sometimes even 11:00, what the heck, they need their rest) + 1 hour of chores [30 minutes of reading] multiplied by .555% minus the square root of lunch = significantly less name calling, whining, and dirty laundry (don't ask me why there are less clothes to wash, there just are. I already told you I don't know anything about math.)

I'm calling it "The Theory of Inconsistency". I expect the math people to call me any minute now.


MommyJ said...

When all my kids wear are swimsuits and pajamas, there's definitely less laundry to do. It's a win win! I'm all about doing nothing all summer. Going out and about with five kids is way too exhausting to be worth it.

tarable said...

Today I tried to sleep in until 8, even though my kids were up at 6. I finally got up to a flooded bathroom. My baby had turned on the sink & let it run over for a while. Took 9 or 10 towels to mop it up & I'm scared to check for ceiling leaks on the bottom story.

Saimi said...

I'm a sleeper inner myself and I didn't mind it when the kids slept in. But the rule was, before we did anything fun...And I like fun...The house had to be cleaned before we left.

The faster things got cleaned the faster we got out the door and ya know, It actually worked!

With the kids gone I still sleep in and I sometimes bend the rules and do something fun before the house gets cleaned....

Stopping by from MMB

Jami said...

I hit this mark a few weeks back, yet have failed to reach your results. I like the equation. I can see precisely where I've been going wrong--I need to up the chores and work on lunch. Will do.