Thursday, July 1, 2010

Apparently summer makes me cranky

Yesterday I wrote the longest post you've ever seen, it was all about how I'm a tich annoyed because our local fireworks display will be on Saturday instead of it's rightful day, Sunday. Which is stupid because I really don't have the gumption to be properly annoyed, and really why would I? Saturday is fine. Clearly I'm on the cusp of a breakdown if I'm making things up to be irritated about. I decided not to post it and look like a silly fool, but I didn't decide until I had, like a silly fool, spent over an hour writing it. What on earth gets into me? Now there's something to by annoyed about.

Last night my son had a dive meet and afterwards I was like a whining maniac. It was so hot, which frankly, it tends to be here on the sun's surface.  The idiots sitting next to us kept swearing, really foul F-word swearing. I'm pretty sure they were gangsters, a fact that seemed to paralyze me. There was no way I was going to ask them to stop (I'm not sure if they could have anyway) and I was afraid to move, because I had looked over my shoulder at them one too many times.  I may not know too many things but I know for sure I do not want to die because some gangsters shot me at a dive meet for giving them the stink eye. So we sat and sweated while they sat a few rows away and swore.  When it was all over (3rd place for our diver!!) I figured we deserved to go to Sonic, because after you've been sitting in an oven for 2 hours hoping you won't get shot the thing you want to do most in the world is wait for 23 minutes while Sonic makes two shakes and a big soda, right?

Dear Sonic,
What up with the wait times yo? If you are making me wait longer because you think it will deter me from coming back for so many buy one get one free shakes you clearly underestimate my feelings about a bargain. However, once you're shake sale is over you're dead to me.


Yours truly,
Someone who obviously doesn't appreciate the ins and outs of cooking tater-tots

I should really try to stay home for a few days.


Alexis said...

If you're thinking about staying home for a few days in a row what say you fly out here and potty train my twins boot camp style why I fly off some where far away, say like Tahiti?

Rethinking that staying home for a few days thing? Me, too.

I've been trying oh so not so hard to clear my calendar for three days but apparently my motivation for potty training flew away to Tahiti without me. Dang on it.

I hate heat. Gangsters. And the wait at Sonic.

We should live closer to each other don't ya think?

wesley's mom (sue) said...

I do think we should live closer to each other, I think it 10 to 12 times a week.

Think of the fun times we could have. We could go to Sonic and wait forever for a soda then we could go to the oven--I mean pool--and try to avoid gangsters while we talked about potty training techniques. It would be awesome. Who needs Tahiti?

Carry said...

I think We could go to Sonic and wait forever for a soda then we could go to the oven--I mean pool--and try to avoid gangsters while we talked about potty training techniques, thanx for the post.