Saturday, May 8, 2010

This, that, and the other. You're welcome.

I’ve been super busy the past few weeks. My little “incident” has turned me into my granny and now I'm one of those people who has to schedule their lives around their Dr.s appointments. I haven’t started talking about the weather on a regular basis or eating dried fruit yet, but it’s coming, so look out.

I PROMISE (I don’t know why I’m yelling) next week is going to be better, I have several items I'm dying to discuss, but in the mean time, here are a few things to ponder.~

~This morning my cat woke me up at 5:15 (A.M!!!) because she wanted a drink of water. Pets are over-rated, doncha think?

~My daughter wants to be Fuzz Lightyear for Halloween. She thought of it 6 months ago, I figured the urge would pass but it’s hanging on. She’s not sure what Fuzz Lightyear looks like, she only knows she will need a crimper for her hair. Naturally. I’m going out on a limb here, but I know my daughter, and I’m guessing she will also need some glittery hairspray and fake fingernails. (For the last 5 years every costume~even the viking~required fake fingernails.)

~I cut 4 inches off my hair about a month ago and now I hate it. I was starting to look like Cher and I thought a change was in order. I was wrong and now it’s too late. It seems that I am destined to never be at peace with my hair.

~Can I ask you something? Arizona, you may have noticed, has been in the news lately over its new immigration law. I’m not going to tell you how I feel about it……yet. I’m curious though, how do you feel about it? I like to think I’m pretty open minded (what?! You think I'm not?) but I’m having trouble seeing both sides of this issue. Would you mind explaining, KINDLY, why you feel the way you do about the new legislation in AZ? Assuming you even have an opinion. I would really like to know why you support or oppose the law, because I feel like I’m missing something here.

~There’s this little pack of Chihuahuas that passes my house every morning around sun up. If dogs could talk I’d like to ask them a few questions, like~Where are they headed? Do they have little doggie jobs? Are they coming home after a night out? Do they think there are too many stray cats in this neighborhood? Have they ever eaten at Taco Bell?

That’s it. It’s Saturday, I have to go have an anxiety attack over my soccer line-up.


gul said...

great reading this!!!

AuBien said...

When you ask about immigration...are you asking about going through the documented legal steps or are you asking about people who have determined that documented legal steps are not necessary? I don't know if we are discussing immigration or jumping the border?

wesley's mom (sue) said...

I'm curious mostly about why people support or oppose the legislation just passed in AZ. I would honestly like to hear someone's real opinion, instead of the political soundbites that are simply intended to wind everyone up.

Todd said...

I don't live in AZ or have a very strong stand on this legislation. I'm usually not much of a fence-sitter, but this time I'm a little conflicted.

In it's essence, the law simply makes it possible for local law enforcement to enforce a law. That's pretty simple and hard to argue with. I support enforcing laws.

However, it seems that in it's nature, and the nature of those who heartily support it, there is a lot of hatefulness and (dare I say it) racism. The law is unnecessarily vague on some important enforcement issues, and I wonder if that was intentional.

Unfortunately, it seems like most of the uncertainty, fear, and hate is being fostered (on both sides) for political reasons. But in this case I think that any 'good intentions' this law may have begun with have vanished, and now it is simply a political tool to further divide us.

Now, about immigration in general. I feel that laws need to be followed and enforced to maintain order in any society. I think that everyone who wants to immigrate to America should follow legal channels, so that everyone is playing on an even playing field. I also know that this country was born of Immigrants and that a few generations later we too easily forget that. We've stuck the only people who didn't immigrate to America on reservations. I guess what I'm saying is that I support law and order, but I also support changing laws when it is needed, and I think that something needs to be done about immigration in this country.

AuBien said...

I am a person who finds comfort in laws and systems. I like knowing what to expect and how things should go. I'm not a fan of people cutting in line or pulling up to take the parking spot I've been patiently waiting for just because they can zip inside the car pulling out and get to it sooner than me. I am completely in favor of immigration - that follows the laws and systems. If the laws and systems are making problems then I am in favor of changing them. I am not in favor of people deciding that the laws and systems don't fit their personal situation and trying to find ways to bypass them. In other words, if you want to live here - then follow the laws the citizens have established for coming to live here.

Now on the other hand, I have to think that there is more going on at the street level than those of us who do not live in AZ understand. There have to be real problems that people were not getting help with from the Federal government for them to determine they would decide to increase their control at the state level. I wish we had an opportunity to hear from the people who are in THE situation on a daily basis instead of people who are posing theory without personal experience.

For me, it's almost like people without children who want to provide advice to parents on how to handle a child who is misbehaving.

Cheryle said...

I have three sons whose father is from Puerto Rico. They look Spanish and they have a Spanish surname. None of them could produce the "proof" required in AZ (drivers' licenses don't meet the necessary level of proof)to prove their legality.

I lived in Florida (Miami) when the huge influx of Cubans and Haitians was going on, and they, too, were illegal. We did not pass a law such as AZ has done.

People who leave their homes and families to enter this country illegally do no do so lightly. They are underpaid, receive no benefits, and send much of what they earn back to their families in Mexico. They are desperate.

Instead of punishing people who are already living on the edge, punish the companies that hire them. Require all companies to produce documentation of their workers on demand, and fine them punitive amounts of money per day, per violation when they hire people who aren't eligible to work here. If you decrease the demand, the supply will begin to dry up.

We have enough laws on the books; AZ's law is redundant, except in its scope (which I think is racist). If AZ needed a new law, then they could have avoided the charge of racism by simply going after the end-user (who is supposed to be vetting his employees anyway!).

I hope that wasn't too un-nice!