Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good party as much as the next guy.

Because technology makes it so easy to send a message to all of your contacts at once I get all kinds of crap in my in-box (I'm sure you can relate).  Most of the time I can tell by the sender if it’s even going to be worth my (extremely valuable) time to take a glance. It's like the boy who cried wolf. There are 5 or 6 people who are gonna be in big trouble if they ever try to send me something that I actually need to read. Seriously, a person can only read break the lucky elastic so many times before they're forced to send you to the junk file.  Ya know what I mean?

Last week I opened something that will get you sent to the blacklist even faster than good luck rainbows or political hysteria……

The Evite.

Maybe I’m old fashioned or crazy (or both) but I think E-vites are so incredibly rude and annoying that I have decided to decline them across the board on principle. So there. (I'm not sure which principal, but just for fun lets call it the Emily Post Principal) Really, you don’t have to Martha Stewart anything for me, but is a phone call too much to ask?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of being “e-vited” to a party you’re probably saying to yourself “What the heck is she talking about?” (maybe you say that every time I post)

An e-vite is an electronic invitation. You go to the website, enter your guest list and other details to create a summons which you can then e-mail to everyone on your contact guest list. During the creation process you have the option of adding features like a music playlist, guest reminders, asking the guest to bring something, or my favorite, request for payment from guests. I’m sorry, but I think that it’s just tacky. If you want me to bring potato salad, or help pay for the keg, fine. I know kegs aren't cheap but I want you to ask me to my face, or my mailbox.  I don’t require an engraved invitation, but something about the group e-mail rubs me the wrong way. Why is that? I don’t hate technology, I don’t mind group e-mails for other things, even flyers are fine with me—but something about the e-vite just rubs me the wrong way. It seems so impersonal. I guess I want you to have to work for it. (I really need help, don't I?)

I have been e-vited to birthday parties, barbeques, and baby showers. Sometimes even by people I like. In the past I’ve attended a few of those wing-dings, but let it be known from this point on, if you want me to show my super-duper popular face at your function you’re going to have to do more than enter my e-mail address and hit send.

How about you? Do you mind e-vites? Have you (gasp!)sent e-vites? Do you think I should have my medication adjusted so I’m not so sensitive?


Homer and Queen said...

Would I be going to hell if I said I agree with you AND I hate e- birthday cards? I would rather you send me an e-mail saying Happy Birthday Old Lady than to have to click on something to get me generic birthday card. Am I awful?

Heidi Ashworth said...

I'm okay with evites and electronic birthday cards b/c they save on trees and b/c I so appreciate how much of a time saver they are. Everyone is just so busy today and the computer is such a convenience. However, I do resent being contacted through FB by a close family member to see if I am going to attend some function or another--I mean, I do have a phone number and an email address. I don't know why it's different, it just is. For me.

Alexis said...

This year I have been invited to several toddlers birthday parties via evite. At first I was a little annoyed but then we had an Easter Egg Hunt and I ran out of time and creativity and decided to send one. Well, I don't have everyone's email so I didn't send everyone who was invited an evite, I called everyone else or asked them face to face to come and do you know that because everyone can see the guest list I actually got calls about why some people weren't invited (and I can just imagine the gossip that went on behind my back). Yep, I know loathe the evite. Never, ever again will I use their service.

Stepping off of my soapbox for a moment I didn't know you could ask for money via evite. That is just so tacky.

Then again, maybe we'll throw a kegger.

Cheryle said...

I like and have used Evites for a variety of events. Usually they're family-related and we've discussed the event beforehand, leaving the Evite for the particulars.

I've never had one that requested money, and I, too, would find that tacky/annoying/cheap. I think they're an easy way to get info out in our busy world, and I like that they save paper.

I'm not, however, a liker of e-cards!

Heather of the EO said...

You're too funny. No, I can't say that I mind the e-vites. I'm a total technology pushover.

Donna Tagliaferri said...

I hate evites!! I love thank you notes, and sweet invitations...I like to think someone thought of me when I was invited. Evites never engender confidence that I have a face to the sender.
Good for you!! Lets bring some civility back!! My sweet southern grandmother is lovin' your neck right now!!