Monday, March 29, 2010

How I jinxed my team, busted my bracket, and ended my dreams of winning a bacon scented prize package.

Saturday started out like every other Saturday--with a panic attack over my soccer line-up.

After the Xanax kicked in I decided to forgo my usual habit of wearing one of our team jerseys to the game and instead opted to spend the entire day in my new KY shirt, hoping to send waves of good karma into the universe, all the while feeling like it was just frosting, because there was NO WAY Kentucky was going to lose, especially to West Virginia. I mean seriously.

Soccer went long and I missed tip off, arriving home just 3 minutes into the game. Kentucky had a lead so I figured it was safe for me to make a quick run to Costco. Besides, Costco + My Kentucky shirt = more good karma. When I got to Costco my radio told me the Wildcats were ahead by 5. Not a mile, but okay.

After a quick sample lap (I took my husband to Costco with me-possibly my gravest error of the day) we returned to the car only to find W. Virginia had pulled ahead by 5. I wasn’t worried. By the half we were only down by 2 and I was sure after a rest and a pep talk the boys would be back to taking care of business.

I could not have been more wrong. The 2nd half of the game will forever been known to me as “The 3 point drought of 2010”. It was painful to watch. Painful I tell you. Even more painful were the texts from my little brother.

Him~Are you watching Kentucky get beat?”

Me~I’m dying over here. My stomach is hurting watching this. What are they thinking? I just got this new KY shirt.” ~Can we analyze comment this for a moment? My stomach hurts? What are they thinking? My new shirt? I’m a little surprised I didn’t mention the bacon lip gloss they were cheating me out of.

A little while later-

Him~“It’s over. Put that shirt away for a few weeks” ~ If he thinks just putting the shirt away is going to make people forget all the trash I’ve been talking, he clearly underestimates my ability to talk trash.

My reply~ “I know…….I can’t believe they can’t hit a freakin’ 3 point shot” Because if I were there…..look out, my 3 point skills are crazy!

And finally-

Pouring a little more salt in my wounds……

Him~"Wall is out. This is over”-------Oh, is Wall out?! My TV must be broken, I hadn’t noticed! Thanks!!

That’s when I instigated a period of text silence until I sent this final reply~

Me~"I’ma go drown my sorrows in ice cream. This loss could cost me 10 or 15 lbs.” Not to mention an autographed picture of James and the naming rights to the Sun.

I can’t help feeling like this is my fault somehow for getting all cocky and making that run to Costco instead of remaining in front of my television willing them to win.

It was fun while it lasted. Now I will lend my support to W. Virginia, which I'm sure they will appreciate. I’m not gonna get a shirt or anything, but if they could beat Duke that would be nice. I don’t know why. I don’t really have anything against Duke, I’m just trying to sound like a tough guy. Is it working?

~My brother is a Kentucky fan too, but, apparently was not as emotionally invested in this tournament as I was.


MommyJ said...

Absolutely will West Virginia to win. Because anyone winning is better than Duke winning. See, I'm a hardcore Tarheel fan, and since they played like a bunch of pansies all year and didn't even make the tournament, my only option is to root for anyone that can beat Carolina's biggest rival, which is unequivocally Duke. So. Rock on West Virginia!

Homer and Queen said...

I am just glad BYU made it through the 1st round! Didn't care much after they lost...

Todd said...

Did you get anything good at Costco?