Sunday, March 14, 2010

Growing up in the desert is stunting my children's development.

As you know March Madness is upon us.  You do know that, right?  Then you must also know that March Madness has nothing to do with those crazy messages I left on someone's answering machine yesterday (I'm sooo sorry about that, I hope your grandma wasn't in the room when you played them, and if she was I hope she didn't recognize my voice) even though at the time I was mad as a hatter.  I'm better now. Mostly.

Anyway, like I was saying, March Madness. There are a few things every child learns growing up in Kentucky.  How to gig a frog, how to make good gravy, how to bet a trifecta, and that college basketball is king.  I realized today that I have not passed any of these lessons down to my own children. I mean, we don't even own a frog gig.  This morning I found out that my son didn't know there was a difference between NCAA and NBA, and when I sent him this text-"Kentucky by 1 in OT." He replied-"What's OT? Do u think they will win?"

It's obvious I have some work to do. We're making playoffs a family affair this year and when basketball season's over I'm going to teach everyone how to make fried chicken with homemade gravy.

*On his blog, James is holding the 1st annual "Seize the Bacon Bracket Challenge". So, if you like college ball and you like bacon (honestly, who doesn't? It's truly a winning combination.), you should really head over and try to win the excellent prize package he's offering. (Darcy, this has your name written all over it)


Alexis said...

Wow, whose machine did you leave crazy messages on? I would have liked to have heard those.

Just another reason to move here to the south. You can't go anywhere and not know about March Madness, believe me, I try.

MommyJ said...

Sadly enough, I haven't been following college basketball this year at all. Mostly because the Tarheels have royally sucked and I've found little motivation to watch them get stomped game after game. I mean, I don't think I ever thought I would see the year when BYU got a higher seed in the tournament than the Tarheels. What's this world coming too?