Thursday, March 18, 2010

Further proof that I am just a tiny bit loony.

This morning I woke up and the first thought to pop into my little brain(even before "I wonder if we have any cold Diet Mt. Dew) was...."I wonder if it's too late to make changes to my brackets?"

You guys--- I don't know anything about basketball!!

I mean, not enough to pick winners and stuff.  I do have a favorite team, and I do watch them play (sometimes), but I don't don't even know for sure how many personal fouls puts a person out of the game (I think it's 6, but I'm not certain).  I'm just a woman who got caught up in the madness!

On Sunday I happened to watch Kentucky (barely) beat Mississippi State, then James threw down his Bacon Challenge and before I knew it I was reading up on teams and picking winners and talking trash to my brother's employees. (Over the phone. To people I've never met. Through my brother. I. am. crazy.)

I don't care so much about winning the bacon flavored lip balm (though you have to admit it's a nice prize), but once I commit myself to a challenge I take it very seriously (this by no means implies that any actual knowledge of basketball-college or otherwise-was using in determining my bracket selections.) I'm even considering moving a TV into my office so I can keep score while I work (just KIDDING Karen! Sheesh!)

I have to say, I do find it odd that so many people think that Kansas can beat Kentucky in the final, I mean, seriously.... What in the world is a Jayhawk anyway?

ps~it's not too late, you can still pick winners here. 

pss~I've decided to leave mine alone and go with my first instincts, even though those instincts were driven mostly by team colors and places I might like to vacation someday.

psss~If one of my kids left my Kentucky shirt at your house can you call me? It's missing and I'm going to be needing it.


Homer and Queen said...

My Cougars are behind as we speak...

Becky said...

I love that you don't have a clue what you're doing but you're still so darn committed!

Yep, I like that. :)