Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There's no rule that I have to make sense....is there?

I can tell that today's going to be one of those Mondays that doesn't end until Wednesday.  Oh, it's Tuesday you say? See what I mean?

Not one, but two of my children are requesting doctor's appointments. Child A has a legitimate complaint, Child B is just a descendant of his maternal great-grandmother-a woman who leaves no ache undiagnosed, no mole un-biopsied, no funeral unattended.  Under normal circumstances I could just put Child B off for a day or so until he forgets about his unspecific issue, but wo be unto the mother who takes one child to the Dr. and leaves the other in Geometry.  A report would have to be filed with the Unfair Police.  I mean really, what would you do?

Last night I dreamt over and over about 3 things.  The only one I can remember is the color yellow. Not a soft dreamy yellow, but more of a caution yellow.  That's all that's left of my restless night.  The number 3 and a No Passing sign. What do you suppose it means?

Did you know that if you are the official coach of the soccer team not only do you have to be at all of the games but you have to be at EVERY practice too? Early. And you’ll definitely be staying late. It’s true. Kids nowadays are very demanding. They actually expect you to teach them soccer skills.  It's becoming very clear why there were no other volunteers.  I'm just kidding. I'm having fun (when I'm not breathing into a paper bag) and we won our first game. 2-2.  A tie means you both win, right?

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Tarek said...

Good Luck, All people have children problems