Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sometimes it's too much work to think of a title

I’ve been in a funk lately (ugh, I hate that word “funk”), a shlump, a ditch, down a well getting knocked in the head by wishers with their stupid pennies all day. You know what I’m getting at, I haven’t been my usual carefree happy go lucky self.

For the last week I’ve found one excuse or another to cry over some stupid thing everyday.

You know things are bad when your kids start being nice to you.

A few days ago I cracked. Like a week old Easter Egg. It was pathetic.

I’d gotten up and done some laundry then I headed to Target. After I'd browsed the entire store (Christmas clearance you know) I went to check out and realized I was missing my wedding ring. It’s loose and it falls off sometimes, usually I feel it happen and scramble around on the floor to find where it's rolled. But I didn’t feel it come off this time and it was nowhere. I searched all over Target, all over my car, all over my house. It was the last straw. My wedding ring. I’ve managed to hang on to that thing for nearly 20 years and it was just gone.

In under an hour I convinced myself it was an omen. Doom and gloom were here to stay. F-o-r-e-v-e-r. Woe was I. Tears were leaking down my cheeks and I was ready to throw in the towel when suddenly, just like that moment in Christmas Vacation when the Mrs. realizes why Clark's lights aren’t coming on, I remembered something. That morning I had stuffed some Christmas decorations in a box and as I shoved them in I’d heard a little clunk. I had figured it was one of my carefully packed knick-knacks shuffling around. I rushed to the box, and there it was, right where I’d “left” it.

Oh, you won’t even believe how I sobbed. Like a baby. I was cracking up I tell you. Right then Clark Gable came in and gave me a big slap!

Okay, not really, but he should have.

After I shook off my Gone With the Wind fantasy it occurred to me that I’ve been shlubbing around here like my glass is half empty when in fact, at the risk of sounding like my mother-in-law, it’s a little more than half full. I mean I’m a SOCCER COACH for Pete's sake!

I don’t know if it was the slap or the sob crying but I seem to have snapped out of it. I know because last night my son told me I’m ruining his life.

It appears everything’s back to normal.


MommyJ said...

Oh, I've so been there.

Glad you're feeling better though. :)

Cheryle said...

Glad you found the ring! Of course it was an omen (losing it wasn't - that's my logic for today).

And, yes, when your kids start being nice to you, you know you're in pretty bad shape!