Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Soccer practice was a HUGE success, thanks for asking.

My standards for success might be kind of low. No one cried, no one got hurt (unless you count my feelings when my husband told me “those kids are going to walk all over you if you don’t start REALLY blowing that whistle!”~Apparently soft whistling is a sign of weakness), and I did not have a panic attack.

All of the parents were really nice. They kept thanking me for volunteering. Which I’m pretty sure was their veiled group way of saying “Sucka!”

Anyway, I’m satisfied. I’ve already started planning for our next practice (by doing deep breathing exercises and really blowing my whistle to get my family out of bed this morning.~ That should teach my know it all husband a thing or two).

Moving on~

In today’s grocery ad I noticed that California Clementines are on sale this week. Does anyone know how a Clementine compares to a Cutie? I have just about eaten my weight in those things this season, but “Clementine” sounds so old fashioned and lovely. Important qualities for fruit. I might have to try them. I’m picky about my citrus. It must be seedless, easy to peel and not too acidic. (You should hear my milk rules).

I also noticed that our local Fry’s store is supporting all of their customers who made healthy eating resolutions by putting Twinkies on sale buy one get one free.

PS~our soccer team is called the Spartans, which, unfortunately (or fortunately) makes me think of this EVERYTIME I hear it.~

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