Thursday, January 14, 2010

Like my brain is the size of a pea or some nonsense

Riddle me this~with all of the “real” news I could be reading or watching, not to mention my own mile long to-do list, why in the name of Johnny Carson can I not turn away from the Conan/Leno train wreck?

Honestly, I don’t usually even watch late night TV.

Or Jay Leno. Ever.

What gives?


James said...

I haven't watched late night TV in foreva. But I still can't wait to watch Conan stick it to NBC.

By the way, here's my source: Fluker Farms

I was sold by the fact that they're a bait farm. Makes them seem even grosser. I bought the 24 pack to make sure there were enough to go around.

Becky said...

Well, at least you know something that's going on in the world. The last time I took a peek at the outside world, H1N1 had just made an appearance.

Yeah, I'm a little out of touch.

AuBien said...

I haven't seen the first episode of Leno's primetime la la. The first week of it I was busy and I heard complaints about it so I never made a point to check it out. I watch the tonight show when I've been watching local news and the tv remote isn't right beside me to change the channel after the news. I like Jay and I like Conan. I don't really care who is on after the news...either is okay with me. BUT I am not cool with how NBC stuck it to Conan the way they did. I think it will make me expect Jay to perform at a higher level in the future than I expected in the past. I might have to keep that remote in easier reach.