Monday, January 4, 2010

Goals?! BAH!! Who needs goals?

I was not going to resolve this year. Dadgumit and dagblastit I was determined to boycott the resolution craze. “Why bother?” I asked myself. “You NEVER keep those stupid resolutions anyway.” I said to myself “Self, you have enough to worry about, you don’t need the humiliation of being a non-keeper of resolutions AGAIN this year.”

The problem is I never take advice, even my own. It’s quite a problem.

I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking of all the ways I could be better. (Hard to believe I know, as I am practically perfect already.)

Now there’s a list. I’m calling it a guide. I’m also keeping it to myself. The personal shame I will feel in 13 and ½ days when I stop doing yoga will be enough. I can do without the public shame this year.


just me said...

and we will definitely not publicly humiliate you in 13 1/2 days from now (much) ;)

Heidi Ashworth said...

I think the process is probably as important as the actual fulfilling of the goals. Just being aware of what we need to be doing better is huge progress! Happy new Years!

Chibi said...

Oy! The fear of failure and humiliation is exactly why I've been avoiding resolutions myself. :)