Monday, January 18, 2010

The day I shirked my civic duty

My kids and I had planned to go to the MLK parade downtown like we do every year, somehow they had conned me into agreeing to take them to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch afterwards, which is really a holiday miracle, because on the list of things I hate because they make me feel like my chest will implode from panic, Peter Piper is #3. Then we woke to rain, which we hardly ever do, and the thought of standing in the rain, even to teach my kids a lesson and taking my damp self to pizza hell so I could spend a thousand dollars on tokens to make sure we would come home with a rubber ball and a plastic slinky wasn't something I was feeling up for today.

So I bribed them. 

I offered them frozen food with absolutely no nutritional value and rented movies and real buttered popcorn (not microwaved), I called it a Rain Day and promised them limited chores and tents made out of blankets. They fell for it. 

Now I feel like a heel (sorta).  If we talk about equal rights and sacrifice while we eat frozen pizza in our pajamas does it still count?


Alyson (New England Living) said...

Oh yeah, that so counts! I love rain days like that. They are the best.

*TARA* said...

Totally counts. Such a good momma. Sounds like a great day :)

Alexis said...

If you think about it this sounds like the sort of day where everbody wins and what could be wrong about that?

If you think about it too long, you'll convince yourself that what your kids really needed was an afternoon of standing in the rain and focusing on the importance of determination and activism.

So my advice is to not think about it too long, enjoy that homemade buttered popcorn and remind them of the importance of people like MLK, perhaps when your driving on one of over 700 roads and streets in this country named after him.

No, seriously, I read that this morning, over 700 streets. Kind of makes me feel like I should find a parade around.

But then, I'd have to get dressed.

Happy MLK Day.