Friday, December 4, 2009

Totally Awesome Books to Give as Gifts

I love books. Really really love them. A friend once told me that food was the only thing she didn’t ever feel guilty buying because you HAVE to have it. That’s how I feel about books, I never feel bad about buying them. You can have your silly old groceries; the things I can’t live without are books.

This list is by no means complete, I could have gone on and on, it has taken great restraint to keep it this short. I tried to list books that would make good gifts, It would be great to hear about your favorite books to give (or receive) so please comment away.

Due to lack of space and the fact that it would have taken me all day to write the sort of descriptions these books deserve I’ve linked everything to amazon.com so you can take a look for yourself if you’d like.

And the categories are~

“If I’m going to read to someone I’d like to enjoy it too.”

Olivia~ What can I say? She’s some pig.

The Outrageous Bodacious Boliver Boggs~This book is out of print, but is usually available used on Amazon. One of our kids checked it out from the school library years ago and it quickly became a favorite bedtime story.

“Not a little kid, but not too surly yet”
Ramona the Brave~If they met on the playground Ramona would trounce that dumb little Junie B. Jones with her horrible grammar.
The Mischief Makers Manual~ Our boys received this as a gift from the best aunt & uncle in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. The 11 year old has been studying it intently trying to master each level of mischief so he can advance to the next. He’s currently saving his money so he can buy chocolate flavored laxatives to use in his holiday treats. We're very proud.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid~ Shrieking hilarious.

“Teens are impossible to buy for, but let’s give it a whirl anyway, shall we?”
The Book Thief~ This is a young adult book but I really think it’s good for anyone over probably 13. It’s a holocaust book so it’s fairly serious and dark, but the story is so moving that you can hardly put it down.
Catcher in the Rye~ I asked my sons which books they like enough to read more than once. One looked at me like I was nuts and asked “Why would anyone read a book twice?” But my favorite child suggested this one. His copy is worn out from being carted around in his backpack.

Uglies~I have not read any of these (it’s a trilogy) but I have it on good authority from girls in the 14-17 set that they are not to be missed.

“Fiction for Grown Ups”
The Help~ If you haven’t read it already, what are you waiting for? Also, unlike some of the books I enjoy, this one is free of anything questionable that would keep you from giving it to your grandma.

The Ladies Auxiliary~ A great story about tolerance and group dynamics.

This is Where I Leave You~ Probably not the best choice for your grandma, the humor is a little dark, the relationships are complicated, there’s swearing, oh, and a tiny bit of sex. You know, the kind of book you want to stay up all night reading.

“Non-Fiction for Nerds Like Me”

A Voyage Long and Strange~ I haven’t read anything by Tony Horowitz that I haven’t enjoyed. He's informative and entertaining all at once.  I bet he's great at parties.

Manhunt~The story of the hunt for John Wilkes Both, this is on my nightstand, I haven’t read it yet but it comes highly recommended.

“I like to eat, but cooking isn’t my thing”
The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook ~ I don’t have this book (so maybe if my husband asks you what to get me….), but my sister-in-law does and from what I’ve seen it’s super groovy. I don’t especially enjoy cooking and I’m wary of trying new recipes because you never know how they will turn out. This book takes care of that problem. Everything has been tested and the best method is what you get, along with helpful tips and equipment advice. There's a baking book too. Just what I need!

There you have it. The books you should buy for everyone on your list.

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AuBien said...

I love books too...and I agree...you can always use a new book. I do have to say, however, that carrying boxfuls of them when you are moving is not as delightful as you might think! LOL.