Thursday, December 17, 2009

They're not dead yet.

One thing I especially love about this time of year is getting all of the cards and letters from people I don't get to see on a regular basis, I don't even mind the braggy ones, it's just nice to catch up.  For example in my mailbox this afternoon was this cheery holiday greeting from my Granny~

"Hope everyone is well. We are feeling some better today.     Think you often. Don't suppose I'll get to see any of you in my lifetime. We lost six in the family this year, so we are all getting older and don't get around much.

Love you all!
Granny & Uncle Melvin"

Yes friends this is the message, possibly the last she will ever write, that my grandmother sent to her favorite granddaughter this Christmas (I know I'm her favorite because even though she's on a "fixed income" she still squeezes out a $1 on my birthday---but don't tell my brothers she wouldn't want them to feel bad). It might be that you have know my granny to find this amusing, but trust me when I tell you she's not anywhere near death's door and she gets around to the Cracker Barrel just fine.  Oh, and Uncle Melvin- that's her husband who used to be her brother-in-law until her sister died.

ps~If you haven't read the post below and VOTED, what are you waiting for?


*TARA* said...

You make me smile :)

Todd said...

It's cool that she thinks you often. Don't suppose she'll get to see you again in this lifetime. Hmmmm, is that a bad thing?