Monday, December 14, 2009

Prepare to bask in the glory of my craftyliciousness

This weekend I completed 6 pairs of pajamas, 1 batch of fake food, a tiny apron, and two fabulous crowns.

Now is the time to thank your lucky stars if you're on my gift list, and if you aren't, to find a way to get there next year. 
I know what you're saying.  You're saying "Sue, don't cha know you can buy a pair of pajamas at Target for $7 and a whole big box of fake food for $10?"  To be honest, I think it's really sad that you guys would say that to me.  You poor souls obviously don't know about the true spirit of Christmas.  The true spirit of Christmas comes from creating the "perfect" gift for those you love the most so they will be able to tell that you love them the most, because nothing says "I love you the most" like a one of a kind handmade gift.

Feel free to use my ambitious example to set the bar for yourselves. 


Becky said...

Wait. The true spirit of Christmas is getting people to love you the most?? And here I've been trying to spread good cheer and love and all that other stuff. Whew! Good to know I can put the kibosh on that real quick. :)

All your stuff looks great, by the way. I wish I had the brainpower to create such craftilious items!

AuBien said...

I made a gift for one family member two years ago and she said "you really just do this stuff for yourself, don't you? It's really just to meet some kind of therapy need for you, isn't it?" From now on, my husband is in charge of getting that person's gift. Now THAT is what I do just for ME!