Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The power of a one of a kind homemade gift

An early Christmas gift from someone awesome.

I don’t know if the picture does it justice, but this is my new favorite thing. I'm trying to only wear it every other day. For the right price I might be able to get you one, I'm tight with the designer.

Also awesome......

Chocolate Swiss Army Knives…..from Switzerland!!

Not so awesome~

Eating a pound of fudge by yourself.  Seriously. It was a bad idea.

Having a giant inflatable Homer Simpson in your front yard is stupid. I don’t care if he is wearing a Santa suit.

When my husband does this thing-“We need to stop making fun of people, we need start eating better, we should really watch less TV”. He means ME and I just think that's kindof rude.  I hardly ever make fun of people.

A wreath on your grill is one thing, but when you go dressing your car up like a reindeer, with antlers and a red nose, that’s where I draw the line. What’s next? Stick arms and a carrot nose? Come on, doesn't your car deserve a little respect?

*The cowboy shirt is supposed to be funny, it's a joke (a pretty darn funny one if you ask me).  My husband has just informed me that not everyone would know that.  Apparently there are some people who don't share my bizzare sense of humor. Go figure.


James said...

Um, who are the dudes on the shirt?

wesley's mom (sue) said...

James-It's a joke, they're just shirtless cartoon cowboys. It's supposed to be funny. I'm not swooning over them, I think the idea of shirtless cartoon cowboys is hilarious.

James said...

I think it's funny too. Just wasn't sure if they were supposed to be some particular fantasy of yours. You know, like shirtless, cowboy werewolves or something.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Nope, no fanasty. I'm just a dork with a peculiar sense of humor.

Todd said...

I want one.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

I knew you would! What size?