Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas cards GAH!!!

I was not not not going to send a letter. No siree. I’d had planned to write a personal note to those too old or too stubborn to join us here in the future and send everyone else a link to our family blog. Ho ho ho! If only I had the inner strength, but I don’t. Nope not one stitch of ability to fight the flow. So, after an hour deciding on the card design, an hour of updating the mailing labels, 4 hours writing 2 versions of the holiday letter (one for those with a sense of humor and one for those poor souls without), another hour begging everyone to stop complaining and just sign them for crying out loud (my husband insists on real live signatures from each family member on EVERY single stinking letter), and finally another hour at the post office, where for the love of civil servants at the MAIN BRANCH there was only one very relaxed hippie type postal employee “working”, our Christmas cards are in the mail.

Praise be. Now I can move on to my totally realistic list of gifts to make with my own two hands and the tiny bit of sanity I still possess.

I love the holidays.

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