Monday, November 2, 2009

Real dinner conversation

Child 1~ “Would you please stop biting your fork its making my ears want to bleed?”

Child 2 ~“I don’t have to.”

Child 3~ “Um, actually, that couldn’t happen.”

Child 1~ “Yes it could, it’s happening RIGHT now!”

Child 2~ continues to bite fork (which for the life of me I cannot imagine being worth the “agony” she’s putting her brother through, I mean, have you ever bitten your fork?)

Child 3~ “No it couldn’t”

Child 1~ “Yes it could, you can bleed from your ears!”

Child 3~ “Technically, yes they can bleed, but ears don’t have the ability to Want to bleed.”
It looked like this was going to go on for a while, so like any good mother I left the room. I figure part of being a functioning human being is learning how to deal with obnoxious situations just like this. Seeing as how no real blood ever made an appearance, I'm marking this one down as a parenting win.


Todd said...

I have to agree with Child 3, although it may feel like your ears are going to begin gushing blood like a busted fire hydrant, they can't really WANT to.

And biting forks. Come on, who does that on purpose. That shows extreme dedication to your art.

Homer and Queen said...

I would have left the house!

AuBien said...