Sunday, November 8, 2009

I think I'm in love!

Yesterday I got this little book.

It’s meant to be used as a daily devotional, which technically means that I wouldn’t have started it until tomorrow, let’s just say patience isn’t my virtue (but I do have a virtue, I promise, I'll let you know what it is as soon as I pin it down).  I open it up and on the very first day she addresses one of my most frequent grammar questions: Making possessive names possessive. Which is near the top of my list of worst grammarical fears, right next to names that end in "S".

I run into this one often, see my maiden name is Thomas, which means all of my brothers are still named Thomas, which means every time I send their families anything in the mail I have to either sweat the whole-Thomas’ or Thomas’s issue or just address it to “The Thomas Family”. All of which probably sounds like a silly thing to worry about to you, but if you know anything at all about me by now you know that silly worries are my life.

A-n-d I can’t stand grammar errors. I know I make plenty, they make me all squirmy, I try so hard to avoid them, I have been known to spend some serious time fretting over an e-mail, I won’t even tell you how long it takes me to hand write a note. Oh, and when I’m on the receiving end, I know it’s so rude, I edit in my head as I read. Can you believe it? It’s awful I know, honestly, I can’t seem to stop myself. Sometimes when I’m on the phone with my, um, rhymes with nother, I'm so distracted by her grammar that I forget to pay attention (on the other hand, sometimes grammar has nothing to do with why I have tuned her out—I’m a bad daughter, okay? Happy now?!)

Anyway,the name thing.  Grammar Girl says that it’s a Style preference, in both cases.  You can add an 's (McDonald's's) or just an apostrope (McDonald's'), and the same for the names ending in "S" (Thomas's or Thomas') which means I can pretty much do whatever I like.

Thomas’ it is.


Cheryle said...

I feel your pain! My maiden name is Jones and I, too, have dithered over the proper possessive.

It's so nice to meet another member of the Grammar and Spelling Police Force. My sister and I are charter members!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh no, you're going to be judging me now.

Your verifier says diatiers. Is that tiers of dieters? Are tiers possessive?