Friday, November 27, 2009

I had a plan

Some people look before they leap, myself, I’m more of a glancer. At the beginning of the month I (rather impulsively) entered The Great Experiment, thinking that it would be no problem at all to come up with 500 words about something, any ol’ thing, and my first time with it.

Take for example, my first bike. A John Deere. No kidding. It was yellow and green with a banana seat and a basket on the front. Man that was a great bike, sturdy too. Or the first time I shot a gun (a weapon if you will). An M16, it was pouring down rain and I was scared to death, it turned out I was pretty good at it or pretty lucky. I didn’t have to use my “skills” for real, so I guess we’ll never know which it was. Oh, I also thought it would have been hilarious to tell about the first time I met my husband’s Aunt Rita, she looks exactly like Peg Bundy, you know, big red bouffant, tight leopard print clothing, the whole package. I totally thought I was being punked.

In the end, I just couldn’t pull enough coherent thoughts together to write an entire post about any of those things.

Unfortunately, I come to you today with a cautionary tale about biting off more than you can chew. DON’T DO IT!! No matter how much your subconscious tries to convince you that you aren’t too busy or that you do have something interesting to say. Honestly, my subconscious doesn’t appear to know me at all.

This is my first time entering any kind of writing contest where I am being judged. I have fallen victim to procrastination, writer’s block, and a migraine. Worst of all I have a horrible case of stage fright. The usual suspects who read the drivel on my blog come of their own free will, but this is the first time I’ve stepped out and asked to be read (and judged).

Let this be a lesson to you (and to me). When you bite off too much, sometimes you choke, though if you chew slowly, usually you can get it down.

This is my first time, but given my propensity for impulsivity; I doubt it’ll be my last.

*This post is an entry in The Great Experiment a writing contest at The Girl Who. Feel free to head over there, read all the entries, and vote.


TheGirlWho said...

Ha! Brilliantly done. Very clever.

You're a great writer and I do hope you enter again and find a way to write about meeting your Aunt. I have a feeling that'll be a good one!

Daycare Lady said...

I agree - very clever.
There is much to be said for glancing. If we look too hard before we jump, most of us would never take the plunge. Just imagine what we'd be missing!

Spawny666 said...

I know exactly where you are coming from with this. Like you, I write whatever is on my mind at a particular time, and find writing to order much more difficult.

But you did well here to turn this whole contest on it's head a little, and I look forwards to reading further entries soon.