Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm hooked on Willy Wonka and it's not pretty.
For starters here's today's lunch~

I know you are NEVER going to believe this, but they weren't even very good.  It's shocking that something with the name "Sploshberries" wasn't all that tasty, but they just didn't have any "zing". What's a sploshberry anyway? I suppose a better question is, what possesses me to buy this junk?  I don't even give it to my kids, I HIDE my leftovers.  I am a sad, sad woman. 8
Anybody else eat candy for lunch?

This is my "Keep Calm" themed calendar. The quote this month is exactly how I feel several times a week.
Apparently I have a problem.


James said...

I've been going through Atomic Fireballs like it's my job. Maybe it is my job.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha ha It's that time of year again. It doesn't stop until New Years, when you have to make your resolutions.

Can I just say that calendar is weird. Not the idea, but the thought. Eat Candy and Regret Decision. ha ha ha ha Who wrote that?