Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Praise Be!

Our X-box has been repaired. That’s right, now you can all ditch your chores and come over to our house and play Halo II this weekend. (Prizes if you dress up.) I got an e-mail this morning from my friends at Microsoft letting me know that Satan’s Time Waste Machine is up and running and on its way back where it belongs.

Can you hear the angels singing?

Me neither.

The X-box came down with a virus about 6 months ago. First we thought it was the Ring of Death and everyone was all like “whoa, dude the Ring of Death, that sucks” and then they were like “At least it they’ll fix it for free” and then my kids were all like “moaahhhm, when are you gonna send the X-box in??!! don’t you love ussssss?”

I'm not ashamed to admit I DO love my kids, but I’m NOT in love with the X-box, I know a lot of mothers really like it when their kids spend hours playing and arguing over video games, but I'm not one of those popular moms and I wasn’t in any hurry to have the Ring of Death exorcised from its bowels. FINALLY, after a lot of foot draging and hemming and hawing, I couldn't put it off any longer so I got online and answered all of the questions and found out that our X-box was not as sick as we had originally feared/hoped. We were not dealing with the Ring of Death; instead we were facing the dreaded E-73 error. Which in addition to not having a cool name like “Quarter Circle of Death”, is like the swine flu’s weaker younger brother, and also not covered under the FREE repair section of our X-box HMO plan. No siree, turns out E-73 removal is like collagen injections, you know, an elective procedure, and has a $99.00 deductable, which I unfortunately had to inform my children I was not going to pay.

Universal Healthcare, yes. Universal Video Game System Repair, not so much.

When my sweet video game loving boys finally scraped their 9,900 pennies together I was left with no excuse for not sending the dang thing in, so I did. And now, after months of deprivation, it is on its way back where it belongs, our children can resume the mushing of their brains. Soon our halls will be filled with the harmonious sounds of Guitar Hero again.

Our home will be happy once more.


MommyJ said...

All we have is an old school Super Nintendo, but it still incites the arguing/hemming/hawing that something newer and fancier might produce. When they start arguing in the car on the way home from school about who gets to defeat bowser first, I know it's time to shut the thing off for a few weeks.

It's actually an ability we all have... the right to call an hour unplugged. You're tired of the noise and chaos of tv or video games? Call an hour unplugged and everyone must comply. Except I can call an entire week unplugged, and they have to listen just cause I'm the Momma. :)

Heidi Ashworth said...

You have to admit, Guitar Hero rocks. IMHO. But I'm good at it, so I'm prejudiced.