Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If this keeps up we'll have to get some of those hand warmer thingies

(this picture is NOT from my front yard, apparently there is weather all over the place, who knew?)
This morning brought a change in our weather. It’s just a temperature drop, but around here we take what we can get. A high of 66 degrees is forecasted, not exactly the kind of thing that would be noticed by those guys over at the National Weather Service, but our kids sure noticed.

One left the house in a quilted flannel shirt (I didn’t even know we owned such a thing). Another was worried he might need gloves so his hands wouldn’t freeze as he rode his bike to school, and our daughter opted for shoes and socks instead of flip-flops, which as everyone knows, is a sure sign of winter.

I plan to wear a sweater. All day. Even if I start to sweat.


Homer and Queen said...

I'm hearing ya! Cold and windy here!!!

Alexis said...

You guys are so funny. 66 here, time to get in the pool.

But seriously, I love fall weather like that when you can wear a sweater but you don't have to. It's when you have to wear a sweater of freeze your buns off that I'm ready for summer again.

James said...

Ha! We got excited that we'll be going to the park on Friday when we get a high of 69! Shorts weather in Ohio!

Todd said...

Do you think if the temperature gets below 60 they'll cancel school?