Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bad News

My daughter wants a bunny.

She’s known for a while that people have pet bunnies, she just hadn’t considered becoming a bunny owner herself. That all changed last week when the mother of one of her friends asked her if she would like to have a bunny.

Um, let’s see…… nine year old girl with no “very own pet of her very own”- Heck yes! She would love a bunny. Now that you mention it, she would love 2 bunnies, 3 if you can spare them. Thanks so much for offering!!!

“Please mom!!” She didn’t waste a second with the begging and pleading and promising to be the best little bunny owner EVER.

“I’m so sorry, we are right in the middle of our remodel right now, we can’t take on any new pets until that it’s finished.”

Wouldn’t you know that won’t be a problem? The owner of the child who owns the bunnies hasn’t bred her rabbits yet. Though she does have 2, and she’s pretty sure she has one of each, she doesn’t want to “let them get busy” until she has homes for the babies.

It’s kind of like getting pre-sale tickets for New Moon, except the torture of the main event lasts longer than 2 hours. I’m pretty sure bunnies live like 2 weeks or something. Who ever heard of selling rabbits before they have even been conceived? Considering that your target audience is little girls between the ages of 5 and 12, and all of the things that could potentially go wrong with a scheme of this sort, it’s just a dramarama waiting to happen. The sort of thing I try to avoid.

My brother had a bunny, and it didn’t end well, so I figured he was the perfect person to explain why getting into the bunny business was a bad idea. That didn’t turn out quiet like I’d hoped; you can read all about it here.

So, finally I said “Look, bunnies are cute and soft and all, but the truth is they aren’t much fun. Also, do you really think it’s fair for a rabbit to have to live its whole life in a cage just so you can have something soft to pet twice a week?” Then I tried the old, “Besides, those cages get smelly and you don’t think I’m going to clean up after a bunny do you? No ma’am you would be on your own, and trust me, that’s gonna be a lot less fun than cleaning the litter box, which reminds me, we have a cat for Pete’s sake. How are you planning to keep the cat from eating the rabbit?” Then I took a breath and noticed that I was talking to myself because she had gotten bored with my lecture and wandered away.

I knew there was no choice but to involve my husband. This is a risky move because he has been known to be a.) a sucker when it comes to getting any kind of pet and b.) a giant sucker when his one and only little girl wants, well, pretty much anything. On the other hand, the kids know that, at least on the livestock front, if you can’t talk dad into it, it ain’t happenin’.

I explained our position on the whole bunny issue to him and made him repeat the key points back to me, then, with my fingers crossed I left him to read her a bedtime story and break the news. On my way out I heard him say “Mom wants me to tell you something….” Things were not looking good.

30 minutes later he emerged to tell me that her heart was completely broken but at least I was off the hook.

For now.

How do you feel about pets that have to be incarcerated? Or just bunnies in general? Am I a big meanie?


James said...

I too killed a pet rabbit. And I wasn't even a little kid.

You should make a deal with your daughter. If she slacks on the responsibilities, you get to make rabbit stew for dinner.

Cheryle said...

I can't imagine a bunny for a pet. Yes, I know people have them, but WHY? Because they're furry and cute and soft, but they *can* bite and they *do* stink.

I think you need to have a heart to heart with the other little girl's mother about offering pets to the child before clearing it with the parents.

Or, you could offer said little girl her very own baby chick and let mom have a taste of her own medicine.

Some people's parents!

Homer and Queen said...

Don't do it!!! We killed bunnies also! Messy, stinky, etc...I warned you!

Todd said...

Tell her to ask her Aunt Misty about bunny hand-puppets.

But look at the future craft opportunities; homemade rabbit's foot key chains for the kids, bunny-fur mittens, organic fertilizer for your garden or a nice snack for the dog.