Wednesday, October 7, 2009

At least that's what I think should happen

*We interrupt our irregularly scheduled blogging for this important tirade. Our apologies to those of you who do not watch/or have not watched your DVRed episode of The Biggest Loser*

What on earth is going on over there in Biggest Loserville?

Someone is clearly asleep in the rule shack. Or maybe there isn’t a rule shack, maybe this isn’t even a RULE issue, maybe this is a common sense issue. I don't care what KIND of issue it is, but I do think we need get to the bottom of it. (and by WE I mean YOU over there at NBC who's job it is to get to the bottom of stuff like this)

Listen, I’m all about fair shakes and all that crap, but seriously, come on! That Tracy is a loser, and I don’t mean loser in the way you would expect me to mean loser when referring to a show about, um, big losers. I’m mean loser like “Hello, what’s up with this loser?!”
I’m just going to cut to the chase and ask--, Why is she still there? She can’t exercise, she can’t participate in the physical challenges, and if you ask me (which I totally realize you didn’t) she seems a little shifty. Yeah, I know, shiftiness is no reason to be tossed from a reality show; I just thought I’d throw that in there.

The way I see it, coming to “the ranch” healthy (you know, as healthy as a 350 lb person can be), working out for a week or six and then getting stress fractures that make it impossible to exercise is one thing. I can even see giving that person a chance to recover and continue on. (Though as we have seen this week with the whole Tom Delay tragedy, overcoming stress fractures is easier said than done, even when you have a heart of gold, great teeth and a really good partner) Sadly this is not the case with our Tracy. This woman has yet to set foot in the gym yet 4 people who could and were more than willing to participate and needed the help just as much as Tracy have been sent on their way. Frankly, I’m starting to feel a little irritated about it. I know controversy and contention sell, but I think I speak for everyone, or at least myself, when I say “Give me a break!!”

I know she wants to be there, I get that she doesn’t think she can lose weight at home, but for crying out loud, this woman can barely walk up the stairs to get on the scale. SEND HER HOME!!

That’s it. Tomorrow I’m going to tell you a story about my mom. It’s funny. Don’t be late.


Todd said...

Um, I think someone needs to get a life.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Yeah, someone like TRACY!!