Monday, October 12, 2009


I'm late getting this up, but in "honor" of Columbus Day I wanted to mention this book. It's about the first people to land on our continent and it ain't exactly the same story you heard in 3rd grade. I read it last year and found it very interesting and also a little horrifying. It makes one want to think twice before gloating about their ancestry. I think it's super important for us to know the real what's what of things lest we go around spouting that which we do not really know.
He also wrote this book which I liked even more -

It's about the Civil War, past and present and how in some parts of our country the the Rebel spirit lives on and the Confederacy is alive and well. (Or about as "well" as it ever was).

What I like most about Horowitz is the way he seems to try to capture all sides of the story, he goes to great lengths (not to mention distances) to deliver the whole, um, you know, kit & caboodle, it's kind of a sometimes funny, sometimes serious, fact filled, travelogue. What more could you ask for?


Cheryle said...

thanks for the reading suggestions! i'm always looking for new and interesting stuff.

Scott said...

Did Nate get his dressing ideas from the cover of the Confederates in the Attic cover?