Friday, September 4, 2009

Please allow me to make a few suggestions

It's a long weekend.  If you have time and you are not put off by a little language (well, it might be more than a little)and a tiny bit of sex, I highly recommend this book.  It's funny and serious and it had me thinking about the people and relationships in my life and my own mortality and how much I love sarcasm, especially when used in it's proper context.
I strongly recommend that you NEVER see this movie.  And if it's too late for that, I implore you not to recommend it to anyone.  Ever. Please.
But you should totally see this one again.
 Then check out this post.  It's stinking funny. And after you've read it, throw together a closing of your own and leave it in the comments.  I bet those of you who are LDS can come up with some doozys. (Is that how you spell doozy?)
Finally, I BEG you, seriously, do not ever eat this.  EVER.  Holy Hannah what were they thinking?

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AuBien said...

Thanks for the tips today. I had to link you on my blog...that post from BooMama rocked!