Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Like I was sayin' about snack time...

Who would've ever guessed I'd post twice in a lifetime, never mind twice in a ROW about Hot Cheetos? Thanks to a concerned reader I have been made aware of this NPR article about the Hot Cheeto problem that is ravaging our schools, not to mention our children.

I must say my favorite part is the end, when the children tell you what might happen if you eat a whole bag.

My apologies to my daughter's teacher. I now see the wisdom in banning these evil snacks and appreciate her concern for not only my child but the entire class.

In conclusion I would just like to say, if that NPR story doesn't convince you, maybe this will, Youtube has more than 60 videos dedicated to the love of the Hot Cheeto.

The maniacal laughter was enough for me.


Todd said...

Good gracious, if I had only known that those things were like Crack I would have been eating them all along. That was a very interesting story (NPR) and a little bit scary.
Cheetos make me, well, not so crazy I guess.

James said...

I'll be running out to grab a bag, ASAP.