Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yesterday I posted about someone's child (it's gone now) which I never should have done. Then someone else thought I was posting about their child and was, I imagine, hurt by that.

To the parents (and family) who thought it was their kid, I am so sorry. It wasn't your child, it was a different kid, it could easily have been my own, but that doesn't make it okay. I shouldn't really be talking about anyone's kids here.

I have a big mouth and I often say things or say the wrong things or say the right things the wrong way and get myself in trouble. I wish it weren't so but it is. Oh how I wish it weren't the case. I feel like an idiot.  Which, unfortunately is a pretty common feeling for me.

So, anyway. Sorry about the misunderstanding and double sorry that I don't think before I speak (or write).  I'm working on it.


Homer and Queen said...

Dang! I miss all the good stuff!

MommyJ said...

Good for you for owning up to it and apologizing. Whatever it was. :) That takes courage.

I'm well acquainted with the "I'm an idiot" feeling. My mouth often runneth amuck...

Hope you are able to work everything out with all parties involved.

jineen said...

i totally get that you wanted to apologize and yet i feel i must say after experiencing some censoring from my hubby, i don;t think it's fair. this is your blog and i think if they didn't like it thye shouldn't have read it. not to mention people always assume you are talking about them. I think this should be a place where you vent your frustration openly (maybe minus any names) and your bloggy friends get to support you.
at any rate, i am sorry yu felt dumb. you aren't though. i have diarrhea of the mouth:)

Karen said...

I can't believe you erased something you wrote! Come on! Don't let other people dictate what you want to put on paper. And I thought you weren't telling people about this blog for this very reason.