Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sometimes, I need notes to explain my notes

Once upon a time in a galaxy not too far from here (pretty close to this exact spot actually), I used to write stuff and people (though not as many as you might think) would even read that stuff sometimes. It was super duper fun! Then my life got busy, first it was my job, oh, and the end of the school year, then my family came to visit and we took a trip and ate sooo much food that I waddle now instead of walking (why oh why do all family functions, ours anyway, have to involve gluttonous amounts of food?), and those were all really good and true reasons for not writing but I think, though I don’t dare say it out loud, things are kind of settling down and hopefully I will have time to write again.

I’ve been trying to keep notes so I could catch you all up on my exciting life when I had time, but they don’t all make sense, like this one-

“wondering about the color of my glasses”

Or this-

“They may or may not have to pick up marshmallows”

But this-

“ding, ding, we have a winner”

I know just exactly what that’s about.

Because we don’t go to Disneyland as often as some people (the last time was 12 years ago) we are not as theme park savvy as we would like to be. Lucky for us we have lots of good friends who are Disneyland experts, one of them was kind enough to type a 3 page “cheat sheet” for us outlining the most strategic fast pass plan, which rides NOT to skip, and the best part, she included a section titled “Games to play while waiting in line”. Our favorite was called “Who Won”. The idea is to look at a couple and decide who got the better deal. I think we can all agree the couple pictured below is a fine example of the ever elusive Win/Win partnership.

There are times that waiting in line is the best part of Disneyland.


Karen said...

Oh my gosh I'm dying. Hilarious! I can't believe I've gone my whole life without playing that game!

val of the south said...

What a fabulous game. So throwing that into our rotation - thanks!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I think you ought to blow that picture up and hang it in your house as a cautionary tale for your kids. . . .

Homer and Queen said...

Next time take Wheelchair Boy...the WHOLE family gets to go to the front of the line!!!

Cheryle said...

Hah! How much did you have to pay those people to dress like that?

Very funny game.