Friday, June 12, 2009

She could have just kept quiet, but noooo...

Whew, that was a close one; I thought for a second there I might have misplaced my mojo (if you are thinking that by using the term mojo I have proven that I didn’t have any to begin with…..go away)

I have posted EVERYDAY this week. I might not have time for Oprah’s silly lists, but I seem to be finding plenty of time to spill my guts. Lucky you.

See this-

I usually don’t fall for fancy stuff like shaving lotion, but my sister-in-law left some at my house a couple of weeks ago. (I’m pretending it was a gift, not just something she didn’t want to have exploded all over the inside of her suitcase.) It was so thoughtful and generous of her. She knew I would love it but that I would never buy this kind of luxury item for myself. I’m really enjoying the soft silky feel of my legs “post-shave”. I had no idea what I was missing.

Speaking of shaving, I have another sister-in-law, this one is really annoying. Her name is Mitzy. Oh, my goodness, did I just type her name? That was such an accident.

A few days ago we were sitting at swim team with a friend, watching our little Krawdads swim laps, and the friend mentioned that she hates shaving her legs. I said “Me too!” it’s such a pain but if I don’t do it everyday I look like a hairy gorilla woman.

That’s when my super annoying sister-in-law told us a secret. She hadn’t shaved her legs in a month. A month!! Eww! Well, we all started laughing about how gross that was, and how manly her legs must look, ha!ha!ha!, then she went and ruined the fun by saying “I hardly have any hair on my legs.”


My stubbly friend and I had to see this for ourselves so we both took a good look (and a couple of rubs). Sure enough, NO HAIR!! NONE!! These legs that had allegedly been unshaven for a month were smooth as a baby’s bottom. Can you believe it? Neither could we.

So we're shunning her. She can sit alone at swim team from now on. She doesn’t need us; she has smooth hair-free legs. She's made her choice.


Karen said...

My Grandma has NEVER shaved her legs and has silky smooth hairless legs as well. My sisters and I have always been fascinated by it. I've come to the conclusion that it must be like the hairless cat breed or something of the sort. Too bad it didn't get passed down through the genetic pool.

GRAMEE said...

OH MY HECK..{mormon swear word}
i have stubble on my legs within 8 hours of shaving my legs...lol
but i have little to no underarm hair.. {TMI}..lol

Alexis said...

Your welcome and I hope you liked the Shampoo and Conditioner too, :) If you found our deodorant however, that was not a gift, we couldn't find them anywhere.

I would totally shun Mitzy too. I have the coarsest grossest hair ever when I don't shave for like 20 hours and when I do I get nasty red bumps or cuts, hence the fancy shaving lotion. In fact, I think I will shun her from way over here.

Since when did your comment box get spell check? Awesome!

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Karen-YES! I am going to think of her as a hairless cat. That will ease the annoyance a little bit I think.

Ah Gramee, I am cursed with plenty of underarm hair too, as well as facial hair, arm hair....

Alexis, you were indeed generous with your toiletries, though the occupants of the hall bathroom laid claim to the shampoo before I had a chance to use it, alas they had no use for the shaving cream.
No sign of your deodorant though, that I'm aware of anyway.

The spell check must be something on your end because I'm not seeing it.