Monday, June 1, 2009

I love them, really I do.....

.....I'm just so very very tired.
Tonight is the last night of our whirlwind 14 day family immersion experience.  Tomorrow morning our house guests will begin trickling back to their homes, far, far away.  It has been so much fun having everyone here, we have dined together, we have gone on a trip together, we have shopped, slept, laughed, cried, and mocked one another mercilessly.  It has been super-duper fun.
This evening we will wrap things up with a BBQ.  In addition to the family members who have come from out of town, those of us who live in town will be there, as well as friends who we consider family and a few extra in-laws thrown in for good measure.  Maybe a dog or two, if we’re lucky. It will be a large group.  Close to 50.   

I love my family, and I love spending time with them, but we have had 2 weeks of big dinners, long car rides and late nights.  As much as I want to spend every possible moment together, I am exhausted and mobs give me anxiety, I want to beg off.  I won’t of course, but I can still want to. 
I haven’t had time to write for almost two weeks and it’s killing me.
Just a couple more days.  
In the morning my brother’s family and my grandpa will head home and  I will spend several hours acting as chauffeur/personal assistant to my dad while he runs some last minute errands (truth be told, that should provide us with some rich blogging material), then he will depart on Thursday.  By Friday afternoon we will all be lonely again.
 P.S. We had our family pictures taken yesterday.  I made my kids wear these hideous fashions, even though one of them told me over and over how mean I am and that he would never ever wear that shirt, even if he were going to visit a blind person. 


GRAMEE said...

the pictures turned out great!
they are all adorable in their picture clothing!
you did a good job coordinating!

Homer and Queen said...

Great photo...next time make them where pink shirts!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Clearly he has his own sense of style!

Karen said...

The picture turned out great ... love the green! And it sounds like your adventure was a success as well. Can't wait to hear all of your material.

Cheryle said...

Ah, they're great pictures. (Tell him he'll understand when he's older. At least then he won't speak to you for a couple of days!)

I know you guys had fun. Family can be wonderful. Or, family can be...

I can hardly wait to hear the details!

Banteringblonde said...

awesome! I love the photos!