Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I love the early morning. 

That silence I was craving yesterday?  I can always count on it to exsist abundantly between 5 and 6 a.m. 


My oldest child is 18 today.

How in the world did that happen?


MommyJ said...

My dream in life is to figure out a way to make myself a morning person.

I do think it is a peaceful, wonderful time... if only I could get out of bed to enjoy it!

Alexis said...

I got up early because I had a doctor's appt. However, my children can somehow sense me being awake (or the dogs let them knowing by running up and down the stairs) and they got up when I did.

I too wish I was more of a morning person.

Homer and Queen said...

Dang you are old....