Monday, June 8, 2009

Can you hear that?

Ugh! Me too.

Do you guys remember the episode of The Cosby Show when Cliff built that soundproof office for Claire? I could really use one of those about now. My children are lovely people, just lovely, but if I don’t get some peace and quiet soon I might just lose my mind. That’s right, just lose it, cuckoo pants, brain out the window.

Every three minutes I hear “MahhM!!” or “hey mom, can I…..?” or “mmomm hhimm;” (one of my kids is a mumbler), and if they aren’t calling my name they're taking matters into their own hands. Nothing is louder than a house full of siblings learning how to solve their own problems. (Whose brilliant idea was that?!) Nothing that is besides a 9 year old with a Hannah Montana soundtrack (thanks again to thoughtful mother of that party guest. Your daughter will be having a birthday someday. Can you say “Make your own lip gloss kit?”) Although to be honest, I’d rather listen to Hannah Montana than that blasted “rock & roll” teenagers listen to these days. Man! When did I turn into my granny?

It’s possible I have a slight touch of PMS too, and that, as you can imagine, is not helping, not one little bit.

About half an hour ago I made the mistake of asking my daughter if she wanted to run some errands with me, now she is standing at the top of the stairs asking me how many minutes until we leave.

Yep, a soundproof room would really hit the spot about now.


Homer and Queen said...

What? Could you say that again...I didn't hear you!!!

Ol' Hannah does get old fast...

Karen said...

I would pay very good money for one of those rooms ... or for more early morning hours.

carrie said...

Can Maisie come over to play?

AuBien said...

Oh, sistah, I SO hear ya on this one!

Cheryle said...

There's a wonderful cure for "Mooooommmmmm!" "Mooommmmmeeeeee!" "Motherrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Change your name to "Dad." (No one ever says it!)