Thursday, June 11, 2009

101 Entrees made from Otter Pops

I think Oprah has me confused with one of her jet-setting French Rivera vacationing girlfriends. Seriously, what’s up with all of the reading lists? What makes her think I have MORE time to read just because it’s summer? I like to read, I would go as far as to say I do a lot of reading, but the idea that I could polish off this list, while my kids are out of school and I am working part-time, juggling the swim/dive team carpool, ruling over “kid court” all day, and washing 10 extra loads of towels a week (praise be! for the pool in my back yard) is a bit optimistic.

You know when I could use a reading list? January. Yep, the holidays are over, there are no big projects or dance recitals for a few months, the kids are happy (albeit briefly) with their Christmas haul. Those are the days I could use some literary suggestions. Summer, sorry, not so much.

And the lists, sheesh! On Oprah’s website she has so many; 25 New Books, 11 Mysteries, and 20 Beach Reads, there’s even a list of books “starring” dogs. I’m surprised; Oprah really doesn’t know me at all. The worst list though-- 10 Books about Sex. I’m here to tell you I definitely do not have time to read about sex in the summer. The last thing I need, with the whole neighborhood playing X-box in my family room, is for my husband to see a couple of those lying around. Nice try Oprah!

You wanna know what kind of list would be handy between May and August?

New Ways to Enjoy those Law and Order Reruns

8 Ways to get Your Neighbors Gossiping and Start a Scandal on Your Street

10 Uses for Leftover Potato Salad

If Oprah really wants to reach the masses maybe she should give me a call.

Do you have more time to read when school is out and your kids are home? What kind of list would help you get through the summer? Oh, and, it's okay if your kids eat Otter Pops for lunch, right?


MommyJ said...

You are really funny!

that is all.

AuBien said...

I realized the day I watched Oprah and she suggested we should change the sheets on the bed DAILY that she was not in touch with normal life any more.

I could use a couple of lists...
50 Snappy comebacks for when your children -- who have 75% of your household property tied up in toys and games for them -- tell you they are bored.


50 Snappy comebacks for your husband when you tell him you are exhausted from entertaining the bored kids, cleaning the house, running errands, and other daily ya-ya and he asks if you want to get naked. Seriously? :)

James said...

False Advertising! I thought I was going to get an Otter Pop answer for tonight's dinner plans!

Oprah changes her sheets daily simply by sleeping in a different bedroom each night of the week. By the time she gets back to the first bedroom, the servants have changed the sheets.

And I will NEVER be too tired for sex at night! Well, almost never.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Mommy J-Thank you, I try.

Aubien-EVERYDAY?! She's not gonna have time to read all of those books if she keeps that up very long.

James-I think Otter Pops compliment most any meal, Mac & Cheese, Frozen Pizza....If you use them as your main dish they can really stand alone. As for the tired thing, call me when you've been a house husband for a few more months.

GRAMEE said...

"Oh, and, it's okay if your kids eat Otter Pops for lunch, right?"

as long as they make their beds, get dressed and put away their p.j's also read their scriptures .. ask trublubyu.. she knows