Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's not like I have anything else to do.

Last night, I’m hanging out, minding my own business, trying to decide if watching Dancing with the Stars is going to be the ticket to successfully unwinding from my day, when I start getting twitter messages from my brother. They say things like-“Hey, if you need some blog ideas, just let me know. I got tons.” Then I get one telling me to go check my e-mail, which of course I do, immediately, because I love my sweet brother and am respectfully interested in everything he has to say……only to discover that I’m on a one way street and he has decided to taunt me and mock me and suggest that I don’t post often enough, he goes as far as giving me topic suggestions-

“writer's block. that biggest fat people show that you watch. milk shakes. space ships. homicidal drivers. k-9 fatalities. movie reviews. My niece and nephew don't like me. swine flew, or "the boy who cried wolf flu". the depressed recession. broken bones. my annoying brother from va is coming to stay with us and... .”

Which under the right circumstances might have been helpful, but most of those things are not my area of expertise, like Space Ships, seriously? Who writes about crap like that? Writer’s block? What’s he getting at? And that whole “my niece and nephew don’t like me” thing? That’s something I have absolutely no experience with. ALL of my nieces and nephews adore me. On the other hand, the annoying brother business…..I’m all over that.

Yeah, so, since I’m way totally mature, I might have sent my brother an e-mail taking him up on his double dog dare and promising to post something fabulous everyday until his annoying arrival on my delightful doorstep.

Don’t worry, that’s just over a week away, then I will have topics out the wazoo.


AuBien said...

Sounds like another round of video battles! :)

Homer and Queen said...

Would it be Todd that is your bro? You can not hold hime too accountable, I read his profile, and have never even heard of half the music he listens to. Give the guy a break and blog about space ships...

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Yay! Can't wait to hear all of the exciting things you come up with. Don't you love it when your siblings support and encourage you. That's so cool he actually wants you to write.

Sooo, what is your favorite fat people who want to lose weight show?

btw, thanks for the birthday wishes.

YOU da bomb.