Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I guess you could call it a lose/win situation

Over the holiday weekend we took a road trip to Disneyland for our extended family vacation. 3 families, a grandpa and the Tomtom. I think my husband has a crush on her. He can’t resist a gadget and this one talks to him, a woman telling him which exit to take, not so appealing, but somehow in an instructional device, heavenly. She says things like-“After one half mile merge to the right on to highway US202 semicolon, loop 202”, and should I force him to deviate from the plan because say I need to use the restroom or get some French fries or something, she says things like“busyplanning new route” or “turn right to return to highway US202 semi-colon, loop 202”. She's so smug.

There were other voice options, and I tried to talk him into letting the Tomtom sound like Enrique Iglesias, but nothing doing. Do you remember the episode of the office when Michael drove into the pond? That could have been us; my husband was completely taken by the sound of her voice. What is it with men and technology? We’ve been to California before, in fact my husband is usually one of those people who are disproportionately proud of their navigational skills, but give him the option of a talking map and he just can’t resist. If he starts taking his meals in the car, Tomtom might end up sleeping with the fishes. I’m not about to lose my man to a talking atlas, I don't care how good her directions are.

On the other hand, if Tomtom steals my husband, I might start dating this little beauty-

Thanks to the genius who invented DVD players and wireless headphone for vehicles I was able to ride in virtual silence (except for Ms. Smarty pants-“veer left in 2.4 miles”) all the way to the magic kingdom. Making our car a close runner up for the happiest place on earth.


Karen said...

This is so funny. Gary has some sort of Tom Tomic device on his phone, in each of his vehicles and I swear he has something on his belt. He's obsessed with being told where to go ... and so I oblige ... frequently.

Homer and Queen said...

I know a woman invented the DVD player for the car! Heaven! McFly talks constantly and I mean constantly, so after a couple of hours, I want to kill myself! That the was best thing we ever got!

James said...

The first thing I did when I got my navigation system was change the settings so that voice was a woman's. I love my technology so it's only appropriate that it be feminine. It's like guys naming their boats, cars and motorcycles after women.