Friday, May 15, 2009

Don’t make me beg

I have two questions-

Next week we are going on vacation. It’s a big family trip with cousins and aunts and uncles and grandpas. We’re driving to California and I need reading recommendations. Suggest away. I would prefer something funny, in that self effacing sarcastic ironic style that I enjoy so much. Surely you can recommend something. I do so much for you.

And B.-Providing we survive the trip with our relationships intact we will be taking family pictures. Ha! Just kidding, even if we come back hating each other we WILL be photographed together, so everyone better just buck up and get used to the idea. We will be taking group pictures, all three of my brothers and their families as well as my dad and my grandpa. It’s a big group. 10 adults and 13 kids. There will be group pictures as well as individual family pictures, which I hope to be able to use for our Christmas card; I see no sense in putting myself through the torture of family pictures twice in one year.

We have not set any matchy match rules for wardrobe. Each family is dressing in “nice casual” clothes. This is not my area. While I do know for sure I what I DON’T want us to wear, I can’t for the life of me decide what we should wear.

It needs to be something that will not stand out terribly in the larger group picture but will still look good in our individual family picture. It should be something that my teenagers will not look incredibly out of character in, yet it should not be their usual uniform of local band t-shirts and vans. I’m prepared to put my foot down and force people to wear what I pick, if only I could trust my judgment. Nothing pastel, that’s just not our M.O. Nothing cheesy, you know all the same or anyone wearing identical items. And… can we wear shorts if I am hoping to use these pictures for our Christmas cards? Help me…..

*This is a snapshot from last Thanksgiving, the old guy is my grandpa. If you click on the picture you can see upclose for yourselves how much stylistic help we need.


Karen said...

Reading Material: I highly recommend People Magazine ... always keeps me on the edge of my seat!

Photo Attire: I love the look of tan and black if you are outdoors. Any version of tan, neutral, whatever, mingled with black ... it works. AND ... I love the barefoot look. Call me crazy, but it looks fun and it leaves you with one less thing to worry about. And YES ... we live in Arizona, we wear shorts in December ... we get to put anything on our Christmas cards.

P.S. Does this mean that you won't be working next week?

Heidi Ashworth said...

What part of CA? North or South? I live in the SF bay area and of course recommend you stop in SF. It's a must see kind of place. If you go down south, you MUST go to La Jolla. Yes. If you want to know about Santa Cruz or San Diego, email me at write2me@heidiashworth.com

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Karen-People magazine is a given, what would a vacation be without my celebrity gossip?

I like the barefoot look too, but certain members of my family are not as relaxed as I am.

We are not leaving until Friday and we will be back Tuesday evening, so I will only be missing a couple of days of work. I know how hard it will be to get by without my valuable contribution. You could always call me on my cell phone while I'm at Disneyland and pretend there's a work emergency, it would make me look super cool and important in front of my extended family.

Heidi-We will just be going to Disneyland this time, it's a short trip, but one of these days I would LOVE to come up and have you show me the SF highlights.

Alexis said...

OK so you beat me to this post for which I believe I was writing word for word the very same thing. Really.

Reading material. These in my life are just me being overly optimistic because I probably won't be able to read anything. We got a David Sedaris book and The Guernsey Literary... and a few others, maybe we can do a book swap.

Photos. I was going to actually call you about this. I got a call yesterday in which I was informed several times that it was 'nice casual' over and over. I am getting the feeling that I don't know the definition of nice casual. I am more worried about how I look to certain members of the family than how I look in the photo. I have no fashion sense whatsoever and that is going to come across clear and simple two weeks from Sunday. I look forward to that as the highlight of the trip.

We will be wearing shorts because I hear it's 100 degrees out there. That is if we don't melt before than.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Alexis, I am concerned too, that I am not understanding the definition of "nice casual". At one point in the conversation Sunday clothes were mentioned, and I can tell you that not only is that not my idea of any kind of casual, the amount of complaining I would be subjected to if I even tried to get any of the boys/men in my house to go out into to heat in their church clothes and pose and pretend to like it would make the entire photoshoot torture for everyone involved.

Which brings me to the other issue I had not thought too much about until last night-the heat. That is just going to suck and I'm wishing just a little bit we had gone with the free picture option. I am having visions of a very sweaty/not so lovely family portrait hanging on my wall, because dang it, if I pay for it, it doesn't matter how horrid I look, we will display it.

It'll be fine, right????

We should do a book trade. I've been wanting to read the Gurnsey book, I've heard good things about it. I went to Borders today, but I didn't have a plan, a fact that did not stop me from buying books, but not anything vacation worthy.

val of the south said...

When my sister-in-laws family did the big family photo they all wore khaki on the bottom and white on the top - some in t-shirt, some in button down shirts - It really looked nice.

It was dressier than jeans but still casual enough not to annoy her kids.

Good luck with that!!

Homer and Queen said...

Are you coming through Vegas?

Todd said...

So, I thought we were doing the Tux-Tee-shirt thing. If that is not "nice casual" I don't know what is. But if that is out, which it kind of sounds like it is, then the barefoot thing works good for our family's theme: cut off jean shorts and wife-beaters. We would have to go shirtless to get more casual than that, nice.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Something by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Maybe "Breakfast of Champions".