Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This entire post is just an excuse to use the word Trebuchet.

Last night I took a book to bed with me, which usually does not guarantee that I will get to read for very long, or at all, as my husband needs the room to be totally dark and silent so he can ease into a state of peaceful restlessness and keep me up all night with his loud snoring and pillow punching. Along with the book, I took a couple Tylenol PMs so I would be able to sleep instead of lying awake all night having panic attacks like I did the night before.( Note to the people responsible for my job security : Thanks for changing things up, it’s not stressing me out AT ALL!)

At 11:55 I was startled awake by the facts that I had fallen asleep with the light on and there was no chainsaw buzzing in the bed next to me. So I did what I know any one of you would have done, I grabbed my cell phone off my “nightstand” and called him. What? I was too sleepy to send a text.

I was a little concerned because sleep is a very important part of my husband’s day.

Turns out, there was need for concern. No, he wasn’t doing anything dangerous, like chasing down burgulars, or noble, like ridding the neighborhood of barking dogs, instead of getting his needed beauty rest and keeping me from getting mine, he was playing a video game. Well…..a computer game. It’s not the same really is it? No. Sadly, it is not.

This one though must be causing sleepless nights for parents around the world due to its realistic and violent graphics. Here’s a screen shot-

I KNOW! Can you believe it? It's almost like you are right in the middle of the Middle Ages. It’s called Castle Clout (what does that even mean? Clout?!) and the object is to, using the space bar, fling boulders with your trebuchet over to the castle and knock it down. You get extra points if you knock down the soldiers, who look like harmless little nutcrackers to me. He stayed up until 1 a.m. when he finally “beat” the game. I bet the pride he feels today surely outweighs the exhaustion. I hope so anyway.


Homer and Queen said...

Mine plays Yuri at night, welcome to my chain-saw world!

Cheryle said...

But it means they're so easy to pacify! I wish Jim would get into computer games - other than endless hours of Solitaire, of course!