Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Don’t hold back

Tell me what you think.

This morning I read that a bill has been introduced to congress that would amend the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and would affect the way firearms are sold. You can read a little about it here or here.

A few items covered in the bill are-

*Prohibiting transfer or receiving of a qualifying firearm unless the recipient presents a valid firearms license, the license is verified, and the dealer records a tracking authorization number.

*Prohibiting transfer of a firearm to any person other than a licensee, unless the transfer is processed through a licensed dealer in accordance with national instant criminal background check system requirements

*Prohibits failing to report the loss or theft of the firearm to the Attorney General within 72 hours

*Prohibits failing to report to the Attorney General an address change within 60 days

*It prohibits keeping a loaded firearm, knowingly or recklessly disregarding the risk that a child is capable of gaining access, if a child uses the firearm and causes death or serious bodily injury. Basically, there is a provision that states your gun must be locked and stored in a way that no person under the age of 18 years old has access to it.

Some of those apposed to the bill are upset because this would change the law so that all gun purchases would have be registered, meaning that buyers will have to be fingerprinted, supply a current Driver's License, and a Social Security number would be required if they want to own any gun. They say their rights are being limited. This law would put a stop those midnight runs to Wal-mart for beer, smokes, and huntin’ rifles. No wonder people are angry about this.

Personally, I don’t think most people have any need to own a firearm at all (go on, let me have it), BUT if they are going own one, it needs to be registered. The idea that you can walk into a sporting goods store or a gun show and come out with a gun has always seemed insane to me. If you are a law abiding citizen with nothing to hide who just wants to go out and shoot some bunnies or tin cans, for the life of me I cannot understand why you would be apposed to a background check or a waiting period. Selling a car to my neighbor is more regulated than selling him my old shotgun. I have really never understood how anyone’s rights are violated by the banning of automatic weapons or amour piercing bullets. If anything I feel like my right to feel secure is being violated when these things are so easy to acquire.

Recently here in Arizona an 8 year old boy shot and killed his father and another man with a .22 caliber rifle in their home. I am not stupid enough to think that the passage of this bill is going to make even a small dent in most criminal activity but if there is the slightest possibility that this bill could prevent cases like this one I’m all for it.


Becky said...

I don't really see a problem with this. You need a license to drive, you need a passport if you wanna leave the country - owning a gun is a responsibility, and one people should take a little more seriously.

Cheryle said...

You are so right! We own several guns, but Jim is a hunter and has been his whole life. One of his guns was his father's and another he had hand-made. Yet another is his son's, who doesn't keep them in his house in accordance with his wife's preference.

But all of them are registered and he is a fully responsible gun owner. As a matter of fact, he resigned from the NRA many years ago, when they started getting so completely weird!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I live in California and not the part that is filled with hunters. So, I don't like guns and since I don't live in Hollywood, I doubt most of my neighbors have one. I always ask if people have a gun before I let my kids play over at someone else's house. However, there are people, good nice honest decent non-muderous people, who are really adamant about loose gun laws. It's such a trucky issue.

Todd said...

Here's the thing, most of the 'Gun Nuts' that I know are completely law abiding citizens who never plan to use these guns. Some of them are hunters, but that's not their point. They need these guns for protection, and asking them to register, get a background check, get a license, or lock their guns up is violating their constitutional rights. From my experience, most of the 'gun nuts' do everything the law requires of them, they just resent the fact that the government is telling them to do it.
Somewhere along the line, someone's grandpa told them that it was their god-given right to bear arms, and now everytime you mention gun control their hearts almost seize up.
They are so emotional about the issue that they can't be dealt with rationaly in most cases. For some reason they think that after gun control laws, the next logical step is for the federal government to come into their houses and regulate what they have for breakfast.
That's what it really boils down to, in my opinion. Regulation. People fear government regulation so much (where it interferes with their beliefs anyway) that get very heated about any issue expanding 'government control'. The fact is government regulation is widespread and needed, and most of the loss of freedoms that they fear are completely unrealistic and unmanageable by the government.
Regulation we live with: Speed limits, legal drinking ages, education mandates, health codes, the FDA, drug, pornography, the right to practice whatever religion you want and much much more.
If there was no government regulation we would live in a state of anarchy. You could drive you un-registered car as fast as you wanted to the liquor store to buy booze for your seven year old who doesn't go to school. McDonalds could fire all of their cleaning staff. Drugs could be sold without being proven. And so on and so on.
My point is, it's just a little more regulation to try to make a dangerous industry a little more responsible. Would you throw a fit if they lowered the speed limit in front of your kid's school?

Karen said...

Well, well, well. I finally found your secret stash of blogs! This is going to be fun.