Monday, February 16, 2009

You guys, I am so glad Valentines Day is over.

I have a million things I need to chat with you about.

Like “designer dogs”. Isn’t a labradoodle or a puggle or chiweenie…………….just a mutt? Help me out.

Which is worse, physical exhaustion, or mental exhaustion? What if you are both?

Who would make a better fake boyfriend, Jon Stewart or Daniel Craig?

When a friend is having a hard time, is it better to open your big mouth or should you just listen and nod?

All this and more (maybe), this week, right here. Don’t touch that dial. I’m so over those empty music video posts. It’s time to talk about important things. Like dogs and imaginary boyfriends.


Amanda said...

I don't know about the other things, but with a friend I think it is better to listen and give a hug.

Stopping by from BSU.

Ward and June said...

Adrien Brody. Such a better choice than Daniel Craig.

AuBien said...

I can hardly wait to read your wit! That's what brought me to your blog the first day I showed up!

wesley's mom said...

Oh Amanda, did my husband tell you to say that? Listening is so over rated.

What up with the weird Adrien Brody crush?

Aubien, I hope I don't disapoint, now I'm feeling the pressure to be ultra witty.

Lora said...

Aww, what a cute dog picture! I have never heard of a chiweenie...

I'd go with the listening to a friend who is having a hard time.

Ward and June said...

Designer Dogs are EXPENSIVE MUTTS.

Are you exhaustion?

Jon Stewart, except of course that maybe YOU want to do all the talking, in which case you might as well just take the hunk of meat.

Can you help but open your big mouth?

And I'm not sure what the deal is with my wife's creepy Adrien Brody thing. She's an imaginary stalker. She tells me my nose is too small sometimes.

-your favorite brother.

wesley's mom said...

I'm certainly not bulimia if that's what you're getting at.

So true about Jon Stewart, I do love to talk.

Your nose is kinda small.

Ward and June said...

Do you have a picture of your brother? Maybe we should skype you because his nose is definitely NOT small, he got me all wrong I said that what I love about him is that his nose is almost as big as Brody's.