Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You are never going to believe this.

Okay, I know you all know that the most delicious Runt of all is the strawberry, right? Everyone picks them out, then they eat the banana, and then the orange and finally all you are left with is a pile of limes and cherries that no one really wants to eat, but eventually they do because candy is still candy, even if it tastes like cherry. Well, this very day I was at the store and I found, in the Valentine's candy section, a bag full of, you guessed it, strawberry runts. Just the strawberry, because not only are they the most tasty, they are also pink and heart shaped. A gift of love from Willy Wonka. I did not see that coming.


Ward and June said...

Give me a Cherry runt any day over a banana, yuck. I hand all the bananas to Todd.

LaurieJ said...

So thoughtful of Mr. Wonka!
I am deinitely a strawberry and then banana girl.
Will go search them out today...

Becky said...

Banana is my favorite, but strawberry is close behind. That Willie Wonka - who knew he was so nice, huh?