Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not that I'm trying to one up anybody or anything

Over here, Crash wrote about how her son brought her to tears when he, a boy who doesn't even like books, asked if he could read a passage from a book, to her and her husband. Well, in an amazing stroke of coincidence, not long after reading her post, MY SON did something that brought tears to my eyes.

Get this.

I was passing through the kitchen and I could have sworn that I heard the washing machine running, which was odd because I had neither started it myself nor nagged anyone else to start it. So I says-"Hey, is someone doing laundry?" --here's the part you aren't going to believe, get your tissues ready--my son replies "Yeah, I just threw in a load of towels."

Did you hear that? Towels! Not one solitary pair of pants that he really wants to wear tomorrow, not his lucky socks, not even the shirt that he borrowed from a friend and needs to waste 75 gallons of water to wash alone because heaven forbid it touch the rest of the laundry, but towels. Just because. I'm getting a little mitzy eyed just thinking about it.


::Jan:: said...

What a difference a few towels can make to a mommas soul. That will redeem him through a lot of challenges this week for sure. A tender mercy moment for mom and him. He is learning to serve. Aww....That is great.

Cheryle said...

WOW! You've done a great job raising that one! Of course, now that he's raised your expectations, he may wish he'd never done it, poor boy...

AuBien said...

Too funny

Becky said...

That's amazing! I must know all of your parenting secrets - spill!!