Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's not enough for me to just offend my friends and family

….I’d like offend a few strangers too, what the heck, maybe an entire state.

So, the other night I was perusing the Blogger profiles of bloggers from Kentucky, because I don’t have anything better to do, besides, I spent many a formative year there and my thinking was that maybe I would run across someone I used to know and since I have such a way with people and so much time on my hands I decided to take a look (yes................. I know that is what facebook is for. Duh. I’m not getting sucked into that time wasting vortex, what do I look like?)

Turns out I didn’t have any luck “reuniting”, but I did learn some interesting things about bloggers from Ky. Things I know you too are dying to know.

1. People in Kentucky don’t age well. All of the bloggers my age (40, how could you forget?) looked really old. Either they are not using night cream or they are lying about their ages, something I never would have suspected my friends in the Bluegrass state would stoop to, except that recently I was told that on those dating sites you have to say you are 40 or younger if you hope to get a reply (you spring your real age on them after they are hooked), so maybe it’s the same with bloggers. Anyway, none of that matters. The important thing is that, for a 40 year old woman, I’m holding up really well. Thank heavens I didn’t stay in Kentucky, who knows how things might have turned out.
2. People in Kentucky are mainly interested in a couple of things. Religion and hunting. Some of them are interested in both. I have to admit, I saw that coming.
3. There are quite a few Kentuckians with blogs dedicated to sheep. Raising them, shearing them, making sweaters the old fashioned way, whatever that means. Makes you pause for a second, doesn’t it?

That’s about it. I was going to finish that post about the puppies, but I’m just too mentally and physically exhausted.

Both at the same time.

Thank heavens for spell check.

*Edited to add-I am totally joking about the aging thing, and if you saw my unretouched glamour shots you would see that I am aging just as poorly as everyone else. --I do, however, stand by the sheep thing being a little weird.


Nicole said...

first of all, they are also intereste in.....smoking, they grow the stuff there. Which would also account for why they age so badly. :)
I know, I live in Indiana. I'm almost 43, feel free to look at my blog to see my picture, just don't look at anybody else's.
hee hee hee

Nicole said...

I meant I'm almost 44.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I honestly don't know what the weather is like in Kentucky but I have noticed that these things (how old one looks) do vary from state to state and country to country. Places with milder weather just turn out younger looking people. England ages people like nobodies business. I can't think why. Maybe it depends on how much time you spend outside. And wether or not you wear sunscreen. Or maybe you are just genetically blessed.

Todd said...

Where are the Sheep Blog links?

In rural enough areas, Hunting and Religion are basically the same thing.
The Virginia Southern Babtist Bible has an 11th Comandment: Thou shallst kill the little woodland creatures.

wesley's mom said...

Nicole, I stopped by your blog, you don't look anywhere near 44. Lucky. And your kids are darling.

Heidi, I know what you mean about where you live making a difference. I live in Arizona now and am very careful about sunscreen, but when I was new to the Valley of the Scorching Sun I was so thrilled with the idea of having a "healthy tan" all year that I spent way too many days without any SPF at all. Now I have a few lovely brown splotches on my face. Lesson learned. It would be interesting to know which state's residents age the "best".

Todd, I had no idea that the Baptist of Virginia had their own version of the bible. Who do they think they are? The mormons?!

::Jan:: said...

It scares me. I am closing in on the big 50 soon. I have to say time flies and wrinkles come by the sheep load :)

You are young looking for a Kentucky gal.

I have not had any luck reconnecting in the vortex either.

Cindy said...

Do you mind people stopping by and commenting? Your blog cracks me up.

During my year in AZ about 19 years ago I got a sunburn so bad it accounts for three years of aging and got me enough pity from my boss at the movie theater to keep him from yelling at me for one night.

Cheryle said...

Okay, kids, I lived my first 47 years in Florida and always had a "healthy" tan. I've lived the past 14 in Oregon (where we don't tan, we rust) and I get lots of comments from people about how I don't look my age - I'll be 62 in June.

So I think it's luck. Or maybe my fat fills up the wrinkles. You can look at my blog photo if you like, but you can't tell anything by it since it was a joke photo!