Saturday, February 7, 2009

If these don't make you feel romantic I don't know what will

Coming in at number 8..................

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Ward and June said...

It was tougher this morning than it has been so far.

I mean, listening to the lyrics, I really feel like KISS means it. I mean holy cow, what a bunch of sentimental mushy guys.

And on the other hand, love the song, have a hard time stomaching Alanis.

wesley's mom said...

Sylvan says, and I quote "I knew Todd would be able to pick up what I was laying down. Ace Freely has mastered the language of love."

I say, if that's the language of love, well.....give me Alanis any day.

Ward and June said...

Now sis, it's O.K. if you are having a hard time understanding the deeply emotional melody makers who are KISS. Sometimes you just have to overlook that silly make-up, and you just might find a truly sensitive group of guys who just want to talk about their feelings.

"Girl I can make you feel OK
No place for hiding
No place to run
You pulled the trigger of my


Enough said.

AuBien said...

You all crack me up!